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This issue introduces 2013 Massive Storage Products Classic Cases Collection.

This issue introduces 2013 Massive Storage Classic CasesN8000/VTL/HDP/CSS.The classic cases are fromMaintenance Cases and FAQs, and selected by Lifecycle Management Team (LMT).The number is fifty.Typical case collections provide you with common and frequently used operating and maintenance (O&M) cases, helping you quickly diagnose and rectify faults.

Cases Presentation

1N8000 Cases

Common problem during the deployment phase: Primary Node, Modify IP Addresses, Add new NICs, The hima process is abnormal, leading to a command execution failure.

How Can I View the Mapping Between the Logical Names and Slots of N8500 Engine Network Adapters

How Can I Change Management IP Addresses of Storage Units in Unified Discovery

How Can I Delete, Modify, and Add the IP Address for a NAS Engine

How Can I Determine Which Engine Node Is the Primary Node of the N8500

How Can I Add the Service Network Adapter for a NAS engine

Failed to Mount the Related File System After the Fiber Connection Between the N8000 and Disk Array Is Resumed

Correctly Deleting LUNs that Are Being Used in the N8000 File System

An NDMP Backup Task Is Suspended for a Long Time and in the Mounting Tape State

Message "Command executed error" Displayed When License Is Being Imported

A Message Indicating Abnormal hima Process When a License Is Imported

How can I Confirm Fencing Configuration as User support

How can I Confirm the Heartbeat Connection of N8500 V200R001C00SPC100 or a Later Version

Common problem during the configuration phase: CIFS/NFS/FTP share, quota enabling, and slow I/O

N8000 Failure to Write Data to a CIFS Share

Enabling the Quota of a File System that Has Massive Files

Local CIFS User Accounts Missing After Device Upgrade

FTP-based Site-to-Site File Transfer Fails on Two NAS Systems

homedir User Permission and Quota Issues of a Desktop Cloud N8000 System

Slow Response to Requests When the Apache Service Uses Storage Space Mapped Through CIFS

Writing Data from a Mac 10.6 System to an NFS Share Is Slow

Abnormal power failure

Troubleshooting Abnormal Power Failure of the N8500 Clustered NAS Storage System


How Can I Release the Storage Space in a Clustered NAS Storage System

How can I Troubleshoot a Storage Unit That Fails to Be Discovered by the ISM

Command Output Showing that Ports v, w, and f Fail to Start After the gabconfig -a Command Is Executed

N8000 Data Migration Solution Based on Split Mirror

Deduplication: backup failure, deduplication error, and replication failure

Unexpected Storage Device Power-Off During a Deduplication Leads to a Backup Failure After the Device Is Powered On

The Insufficient of VTL Cache Causes the Deduplication Job Fail

Post-deduplication Replication Fails Due to SIR Swap Space Exhaustion

Disconnected iSCSI Link of a Replication Pair Causing Post-Deduplication Replication to Fail with the 50534 Error Code

Physical tape library: unable to detect robot arms

When a VTL Connects to a PTL, Robot Arms of the Quantum Scalar i500 PTL Cannot Be Detected But a Driver Can Be Detected

AIX Operating System Unable to Identify the VTL Robot Arm

Windows 64-bit System Unable to Identify the Driver or Robot Mapped from a VTL

Storage device: unable to detect storage devices

VTL Console Unable to Detect Allocated Storage Devices

Backup: displaying only eight Fibre Channel devices

Only Eight Fibre Channel Devices Detected When More than Eight Devices Are Assigned to the RedHat 5.5 Server

3HDP cases (backup and recovery failure)

Backup of an Oracle Database Fails and Prompts "ORA-27211: Failed to load Media Management Library"

The Backup of an Oracle Database Fails and Prompts "the backup failed to back up the requested files (status 6)"

The Backup Policy for the Oracle Database Displayed in Activity Monitor Is Inconsistent with the Actual Backup Policy

After the NetBackup Administration Console Is Started, It Cannot Be Displayed

The Client Properties Cannot Be Queried on NetBackup Administration Console and Prompt "client connection refused (57)"

A Backup Job Fails and Error Message "cannot connect on socket (status 25)" Is Displayed

A Backup Job Fails and Error Message "operation requested by an invalid server (status 37)" Is Displayed

A Backup Job Fails and Error Message "client hostname could not be found (status 48)" Is Displayed

A Backup Job Fails and Error Message "access to the client was not allowed (status 59)" Is Displayed

4CSS Cases

Two Active MDS Services Are Detected Due to Inconsistent Subnet Masks of Heartbeat Network Ports

Messages Log Dump Failure Due to Abnormal cron Process

Password Is Maliciously Changed After an OSN Is Shared Using NFS

More cases

This issue provides links to some classic massive storage cases. You can also visit Huawei Knowledge Base website for more cases about massive storage.

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