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Context:Having resolved a series of thorny problems by using SmartThin, Mr. W finished the IT planning for 2014. At the Alps skiing resort in Switzerland, Mr. W reported his work to his boss and expected to be praised. However, Mr. W was sharply criticized by his boss. What happened?

SmartTier is a piece of Huawei-developed tiered storage software based on RAID 2.0+ technology. SmartTier dynamically matches data with storage media based on data activeness and storage media characteristics, improving storage system performance and cutting down costs. 

Why choose SmartTier?

A customer has high performance requirements but may have a tight budget. If SSDs are used for all services, the performance requirements are satisfied, but the budget cannot cover the costs. If SAS disks are used for all services, the costs are acceptable, but the performance leaves much to be desired. The customer is badly in need of a storage solution that can meet both performance and cost requirements.


99% of the users study this feature by watching Smart-X multimedia.  

The following documents provide information about SmartTier configuration:

OceanStor 18000 enterprise Storage

T Series Unified Storage V200R001

T Series Unified Storage V200R002C10

T Series Unified Storage V200R001C00

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Thanks for sharing!
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