Key pain point for BIG project.

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[i=>s] Этот пост был последний раз изменен пользователем FedyaSan в 2018-01-15 17:55. [i=>s] Этот пост был последний раз изменен пользователем FedyaSan в 2018-01-15 17:55.What are the key elements for Big project? How do you get them?
Enter the answer to this question, consider the most complete case - the construction of an object
Key elements is:•        design        at this stage the basis of the technical solution is laid. Its topology. 
•        choice of contractor        the contractor takes all kinds of work, from construction to subsystems. Then he transfers subsystems for sale to subcontractors. 
•        subcontractor selection        this is IT-partner
•        final technical solution        after the designer, contractor and subcontractor have made all comments and comments - there is a final technical solution. It should be evaluated and prepared taking into account all the above conditions, based on the budget and financial policy of the company
•        problem with logistics       the factor of logistics is established by the distributors who carry the equipment.
•        commissioning        commissioning is carried out either by the company. Huawei on its own, or by service partners. 
•        technical support        if we order an extended warranty
In order to understand the bottlenecks at each stage, you need to interact closely with the designer, contractor, subcontractor and distributor, as well as perfectly understand the internal procedures.
Main problems:
1. The main problem I face is the weak knowledge of design organizations in the IT field. With integrators, there is no problem, but they project very rarely.
2. State expertise cut half of the money for construction at the stage of entering the design stage. Telecommunication equipment seems to be "unimportant" to people from state expertise and they very often cut it down, and it's completely incompetent (for example, removing the core of the network, for example, the video file storage for the video surveillance system, whether the licenses for WMvare)
3. The contractor is trying to replace the equipment with the cheapest to earn more.
And what major problems do you face?
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