Wifi Router HG630 has stopped connecting. Can you help?

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Router is about a year old.  Has always had an awesome signal although we run it on bridging mode via ethernet down to an old d link because our house is 25 metres long.

Down at the Huawei end of the house a few days ago, using my tablet and I get kicked off the Huawei wifi and then cant reconnect.  Do a couple of reboots of both the huawei and dlink but no change.

D link is working fine down the other end of the house.  Play around with the channels but no difference to signal.  Then did a reset by sticking something in the hole in the back and renewed the password along the way.  Entered the DNS addresses etc and reset up.  But nothing has changed.

Here is what's happening.  My android tablet lets me switch from connection to connection as I wander around the house.  What normally happens is this.  I will touch the Huawei icon, it will come up with 'connecting' for several seconds, then 'authenticating' and end up with 'connected'.  

What's happening now is I press the icon, there is a flash of "connecting' almost faster than the eye can see and then nothing.  No fan signa at the top of the page and no connection.  Now what is interesting is, on the tablet, you can see the signal strength and the entire time it is telling me that signal strength is strong but it wont connect.  Now if I ethernet the PC to the router, it works fine.  If I take me tablet to the router it connects fine but will disconnect again when I get about 1.5 meteres away.

As far as I know, no-one has changed anything or moved anything beside it.  It was working and then it wasnt.  I have looked all through the handbook and everything looks right to me, all the appropriate lights are on.  It is a VDSL connection and on the d link I'm getting a download of 65mb?  he only thing that looks odd to me is on the wifi stats page, it says send error 86 so I dont know if that's normal or not.

Otherwise here are the basic stats.  Thanks for your help.

Line standard VDSL2
VDSL standardProfile 17a
Downstream line rate (kbit/s)69995
Upstream line rate (kbit/s)16922
Downstream attainable data rate(kbit/s)78168
Upstream attainable data rate(kbit/s)16464
Downstream SNR (dB)  6.3
Upstream SNR (dB)  11.4
Downstream line attenuation (dB) 16.5
Upstream line attenuation (dB) 6.8
Downstream DS1 loop attenuation(dB) 16.5
Downstream DS2 loop attenuation(dB) 32.6
Downstream DS3 loop attenuation(dB) 48.7
Upstream US0 loop attenuation(dB) 6.8
Upstream US1 loop attenuation(dB) 27.0
Upstream US2 loop attenuation(dB) 39.4
Upstream US3 loop attenuation(dB) N/A
Downstream DS1 signal attenuation(dB) 16.5
Downstream DS2 signal attenuation(dB) 32.6
Downstream DS3 signal attenuation(dB) 48.7
Upstream US0 signal attenuation(dB) 6.8
Upstream US1 signal attenuation(dB) 27.0
Upstream US2 signal attenuation(dB) 39.4
Upstream US3 signal attenuation(dB) N/A
Kl0(1MHz attenuation)(dB) 1220
Downstream output power (dBmV) 14.5
Upstream output power (dBmV) 7.4
Downstream delay(ms)8
Upstream delay(ms)8
Downstream INP(symbols)2.0
Upstream INP(symbols)0.5
Downstream CRC 0
Upstream CRC 0
Downstream FEC 234583
Upstream FEC 1483

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hi,this product is not enterprise product.Please contact local reseller.
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