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What is SR-IOV

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Hello, everyone! Today I will share with you the SR-IOV application in FusionAccess.


The single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) feature enables FusionSphere to use all advantages brought by physical NIC forwarding performance acceleration.


SR-IOV enables a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) device to be shared in a virtual environment using multiple virtual interfaces, offering different virtual functions. SR-IOV directly allocates I/O data to VMs, which allows the I/O data to bypass the software emulation layer, thereby reducing the I/O overhead at the software emulation layer.


  • SR-IOV can be enabled for Intel 82599ES. If SR-IOV is enabled, a network port of the Intel 82599ES NIC supports a maximum of 63 virtual network ports.

  • To create port groups on the SR-IOV-enabled DVS, the port type can only be set to Access.

  • If a VM uses the SR-IOV-enabled NICs, the following functions become unavailable to the VM: VM hibernation, VM waking up, VM live migration, VM migration as a whole, memory snapshot, memory hot add, NIC online add and delete, IP-MAC address binding, and security group.

  • For details about the supported OSs, see FusionSphere SIA Huawei Guest OS Compatibility Guide (KVM Enterprise Virtualization).


By default, the V6 server does not support SR-IOV. To use this function, set PCIe SR-IOV to Enabled in the BIOS.

1. Difference between common virtual NIC, User-mode switching and SR-IOV.

 Common Virtual NIC

    User-mode Switching 



Dom0 bridge queue

DPDK technology accelerates packet forwarding.

The huge page memory technology reduces the number of packet copy times.

Address translation achieved using the SR-IOV hardware technology.

One-tome data copy

The hypervisor checks whether the VM sends packets in polling mode.

Hypervisor does not require address translation, thereby reducing calculation consumption.


High host CPU overhead and low VM density
Smooth VM live migration and snapshot

The host needs to allocate dedicated CPU resources for the DPDK overhead.

Smooth VM live migration and snapshot.

Low host CPU overhead
Limitation: The smooth live migration and snapshotfeatures are unavailable(similar to the Vmware platform).

NIC throughput:9.1 Gbit/s (TCP)

NIC throughput: 9.6Gbit/s

NIC throughput: 9.5 Gbit/s


2. Updating the Number of Virtual Ports of the SR-IOV-Enabled Network Port

On the FusionCompute web client, update the number of virtual ports of a network port for which the switching mode is set to SR-IOV-enabled when Intel 82599ES network interface cards (NICs) are used.


  • The network port for which the number of virtual ports needs to be updated is not in use.

  • You have obtained the name of the network port for which the number of virtual ports needs to be updated and the name of the host accommodating the network port.

  • You have logged in to FusionCompute.

If you want to know more information, please check the following link:

This is what I want to share with you today, thank you!

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Well explained, good knowledge!
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Good post
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Thanks for sharing.
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Great one
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Moderator Author Created Jul 27, 2022 09:02:55

SR-IOV enables a device, such as a network adapter, to divide resource access among various PCIe hardware functions.
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