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What Is Object Storage Service?

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Object Storage Service (OBS) is an object-based storage service that provides customers with massive, secure, reliable, and cost-effective data storage capabilities, such as bucket creation, and deletion, as well as object upload, download and deletion. OBS can store all file types, and is suitable for individual subscribers, websites, enterprises, and developers.

In addition to mainstream block storage and file storage, object storage devices and services are becoming popular in research and promotion. Object storage inherits both the advantages of block storage and file storage since it supports high-speed direct access of disks and distributed shares. Designed to store unstructured data such as documents, pictures, audios, and videos, the object storage service provides massive, secure, reliable, and cost-effective data storage capabilities.


OBS provides the following functions:

  • Creates, queries, or deletes buckets.
  • Creates folders, and uploads, downloads, and deletes files.
  • Supports bucket versioning management, lifecycle management, and log recording management.
  • Supports configuration of access permissions such as bucket ACLs and bucket policies.
  • Supports URL validation, static website hosting, and cross-domain resource access.


Restrictions of OBS are as follows:

  • OBS is compatible with standard Amazon S3 APIs.
  • S3 quotas are updated every five minutes. After a file is uploaded successfully, no quota detection is performed for files uploaded to the same bucket within 10s.
  • A tenant can create a maximum of 100 buckets.
  • A file with a maximum size of 50 MB can be uploaded by using the OBS Console. You can upload files with a size of greater than 50 MB by using the third-party tool or self-developing tools according to the S3 interface.
  • To ensure object upload continuity for users, OBS does not require reserving storage space, but uses the on-demand allocation mechanism. In addition, OBS does not check the object size during the upload. Before the OBS quota reaches the upper limit, it is possible that the size of the object being uploaded is larger than the remaining quota.
  • After a non-OBS administrator adds a bucket, this bucket can only be used in the sessions of the current browser. If any of the following occurs, add the bucket again:
    • The login timed out.
    • The browser is closed.
    • The cached data of the browser is cleared.
  • A user cannot use the global domain name to access the buckets and objects in a non-default region.
  • After a user is assigned all rights of other tenants' buckets, the user has only the rights that map to the user's role.
  • When a third-party S3 client is used to access object storage, only the domain name of the default region and the global domain name can be used to create buckets. You are advised to create buckets on the OBS interface.
  • When logged in through OBS Console:
    • To upload and download objects, you must import the purchased commercial certificate or the certificate made by the storage administrator using the browser.
    • Only the buckets of tenants can be added.
  • When you use an Internet Explorer browser, OBS Console supports only Internet Explorer 10.0 and 11.0. You are advised to use Internet Explorer 11.0, which helps you better use the functions of the software.
  • You are advised to use third-party tools or tools tailored to the S3 interface to access FusionStorage. When using third-party tools, you are advised to use domain names to access FusionStorage.

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