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What is ISSU and what CE devices can support?

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ISSU  (In-Service Software Upgrade) is a simple and fast upgrade method that minimizes traffic interruption time during upgrade.

ISSUis a basic feature of a switch and is not under license control.

Source VersionTarget VersionSupported SystemSupported ModelsSupported Feature and Specifications
V200R001C00SPC700V200R002C50SPC800Stack system + uplink and downlink dual-homing networkingCE6856HI and CE6851HI
  • Only IPv4 public network routes are supported, and OSPF is the only supported routing protocol.

  • Number of MAC address entries < 5000

  • Number of IPv4 public network routes < 500

  • Number of ARP entries < 2500

  • Number of OSPF neighbor relationships < 2

  • Standard routing and MAC modes are used.

V200R002C50SPC800V200R005C00SPC800Stack system + uplink and downlink dual-homing networkingCE6856HI and CE6851HI

  • -The software upgrade path not listed in this table means that other versions cannot be upgraded using ISSU.
  • -The CE switches in a stack must be of the same model, and only two switches can be connected in chain mode.
  • -During an upgrade using ISSU, you are advised to load the latest patch.

Feature Limitations

ISSU can be performed only when the conditions listed in Table avobe are met. Otherwise, the ISSU function cannot be used.

Before performing an ISSU, ensure the following:
  • -The target system software has been uploaded to all member switches in a stack.

  • -Do not remove or reinstall optical modules, or power on or off switches during an ISSU.
  • -During an ISSU, ensure that the network is stable and do not configure services on the network.

  • -A standalone switch cannot be upgraded using ISSU.

  • -In V200R002C50 and later versions, devices that have multi-active VXLAN gateways configured can be upgraded using ISSU in VXLAN multi-active gateway scenarios.
  • -In TRILL active-active access scenarios, devices that have TRILL active-active access configured cannot be upgraded using ISSU.
  • -When a stack system is upgraded using ISSU, to ensure nonstop traffic forwarding, you must use dual-homing networking. That is, connect ports on different cards to each other.

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