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What is GIS?

GIS, the full name is Geographic Information System, which is a computer system that uses modern computer graphics and database technology to process geospatial and related data. It is a comprehensive high-tech integrating geography, surveying, geometry, computer science, and application objects. In other words, GIS is somehow referring to data on a location on Earth.

Its biggest feature is that it can organically combine the geographical location and characteristics of the earth's surface space and display it visually through the computer screen.


The composition of GIS

GIS is an application technology system that collects, inputs, stores, edits, queries, analyzes, displays, and updates geospatial data and related attribute data based on geospatial database with the support of computer hardware and software.


Arrowheads  Hardware

The hardware of a GIS is a set of electronic devices. It typically includes a central processing unit (CPU), disk storage, displays, plotters, digitizers, and scanners.

Arrowheads  Software

GIS software is a software package with several program modules. It mainly includes data input and format conversion module, data editing module, data management module, data operation module, and data display and output module.

Arrowheads  Data

GIS data is data related to spatial geographic elements. GIS data can be divided into spatial data and attribute data by type. GIS data can be divided into basic data and macro data according to content.

Arrowheads  User

The GIS user is the operator who uses the GIS. These operators must be rigorously trained, have the basic concepts of GIS, be familiar with professional management services, have general computer operation capabilities, and be able to use GIS software to handle everyday things in management.


GIS basic principles

Arrowheads Data collection

The first priority in building a GIS is to build a geodatabase, and the first step in building a geodatabase is to identify its data sources and collect data. After collecting the data, it is also necessary to classify and standardize the data. After the data is collected, sorted and standardized, the data can be entered into the computer.

Arrowheads Spatial data structure

The core of GIS is the geodatabase, and the most important data in the geodatabase is spatial data. Spatial data structure refers to the organization and coding form of spatial data within a geographic information system.

Arrowheads Editing and Management

After the geographic data collection is completed, it is input into the computer according to the specified data structure, and it needs to be edited and managed. The main tasks of the editor are:

星星 Establish a topological relationship of spatial data.

星星 Realize the connection between spatial data and attribute data.

星星 Complete the addition, deletion, and modification of data.


What can we do with GIS?

GIS can be used as a tool in both problems solving and decision-making processes, as well as for the visualization of data in a spatial environment.  Geospatial data can be analyzed to determine:

(1) The location of features and relationships to other features

(2) Where the most and/or least of some feature exists

(3) The density of features in a given space

(4) What is happening inside an area of interest ( AOI)

(5) What is happening nearby some feature or phenomenon

(6) How a specific area has changed over time (and in what way).


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