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What Exactly Is Serverless? How it is helping Kubernetes

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Serverless features are becoming more common among public cloud providers, allowing you to deploy functions instead of instances or containers.

What is Serverless computing?

    It is a design and deployment paradigm for event-driven applications in which computer resources are given as scalable cloud services. Server computing resources are a set and recurrent expense in typical application deployments, regardless of how much computing work is really being performed by the server. Customers in a Serverless computing system do not have to worry about paying for downtime or idle time.


  • Azure Functions for Microsoft’s Azure

  • AWS Lambda from Amazon Web Services

  • Google Cloud Functions from GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

  • Cloud Functions from Huawei Cloud

  • IBM Cloud Functions From IBM

In order to use these solutions, you don't have to worry about the infrastructure. Because they aren't "always-on" like containers and instances, serverless functions, if they don't need to be performed frequently, can save a lot of money.

Benefits of Serverless

To get code up and running in a public cloud serverless model may minimize operating expenses, engineering time, and the complexity of managing Windows/Linux distributions and building containers.



  • You don’t need to manage a Windows/Linux distribution

  • You only pay for the time that your function is running, not for the entire period.

  • Developers don't have to worry about a lot of operational factors when they can "simply push" the code

    • Even though "cold-starts," the time it takes for a function to start after it hasn't been used for some time, might be an operational issue that has to be addressed.

Serverless in Kubernetes

Rather than using containers to start applications on Kubernetes, you can also use Functions

Currently, the most popular projects enabling functions are:

  • OpenFaas

  • Kubeless

  • Fission

  • OpenWhisk


Kubernetes cluster may be used as a platform for developers to create and deploy services.

A developer can rapidly and simply deploy functions on Kubernetes, but as an administrator, you'll still have to maintain the infrastructure.

All these projects are pretty new (as of September 2018), so their feature set will still drastically change

    If you’re looking in adopting a serverless technology for your Kubernetes cluster, it’s best to compare the features and the maturity of multiple software products, and make your own decision



Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native framework (source:

  • It leverages the Kubernetes resources to provide auto-scaling, API routing, monitoring, etc

  • It uses Custom Resource Definitions to be able to create functions

  • It’s open source and non-affiliated to any commercial organization

  • It has a UI available for developers to deploy functions

    With kubeless you deploy a function in your preferred language, Currently, the following runtimes are supported:


  • Python

  • NodeJS

  • Ruby

  • PHP

  • .NET

  • Golang



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For some developers, serverless computing's event-driven nature and lack of persistent states are drawbacks. Developers that require persistent data may run into issues because local variables' values may not survive instantiations.
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Serverless on Kubernetes reduces repetitive configuration in a cloud provider independent way
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Good to know information about Serverless computing. It wpuld be more useful if you add what are disadvantages of Serverless Computing.
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