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What do you need to know about Chaos Engineering?

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Cloud computing, distributed systems, and micro-services have made it difficult to foresee system failures as the web has become more complicated. Chaos engineering has been used by large and small businesses alike as a means of preventing disruptions.

Breaking things on purpose can help you foresee and recognize probable failures in the future. This manner, you can identify and correct problems before they turn into outages. For DevOps and IT organizations, chaos engineering is becoming increasingly popular. These product development techniques are even used by Netflix and Amazon.


What is Chaos Engineering?

    Chaos engineering is a discipline of experimenting on a system to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production.

The goal of chaos engineering is to find out where our system's weaknesses are so we can fix them and make it more resilient.

In contrast to software testing or fault injection, chaos engineering is a distinct practice. Traffic surges, racing conditions, and more are all examples where chaos engineering may be applied.

We're attempting to understand how a system responds when one of its components fails.

  • Chaos engineering, for example, may be used to address functional issues such as:

  • What happens if a service is unavailable in some manner, shape, or form?

  • What happens if an application goes down due to a spike in traffic or is otherwise unavailable?

  • When a single point of failure causes an app to break, will we suffer cascading errors?

  • In the event of an outage, what happens to our application?

  • If there is an issue with networking, what happens?



First created in 2008 when Netflix's subscription streaming service was moved to the public cloud, Chaos Engineering was first used by Netflix. For Netflix's engineers, new methods for assessing the system's robustness were clearly needed.

To do this, Chaos Monkey was launched in 2010. After a few years, chaotic engineering has developed, and organizations like Google and Facebook have adopted comparable testing methodologies.


Benefits of Chaos Engineering

     Other techniques of software testing, such as failure testing, lack many of the advantages that chaos engineering does. A binary breakdown can only be examined in a failure test. This prevents us from putting a system through its paces under previously unseen or unanticipated loads.

Complex, diversified, and real-world challenges or outages can be handled through chaos engineering. It is possible to repair problems and get new information about an application via chaotic engineering.

Using chaos experiments, we can improve our system architecture while also reducing outages and failures. Customers are less inconvenienced by outages because to chaos engineering, which increases a service's availability and longevity. Chaos engineering may also be used at the company level to minimize revenue losses and reduce maintenance expenses.

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