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Hello everyone,


After toying around with eNSP Beta 1.0 for a few days, some initial feedback.

First of all, eNSP is a very useful tool that can ease the adoption of Huawei technology and certification. It looks really promising, so keep up the good work, guys!


There is of course still room for improvement. I will list the things I have bumped into so far:

  • Installation results are still a bit unpredictable. So far, I have seen it work on one Windows 7 x64 installation, but fail on another (for no apparent reason). I also managed to install successfully on a virtual Windows XP x32 and a physical Windows Server 2008 R2 box.
  • File Extension association in Windows does not work automatically. However, after associating *.topo files manually, upon file extension activation, eNSP does not load the topology into my eNSC screen. Instead, an empty screen is displayed and the *.topo file must be opened within the application.
  • My first, and so far only, attempt to bind my physical Gigabit NIC to an emulated eNSC device failed.
  • The list of devices to choose from is still rather limited. I would especially welcome the addition of a Eudemon firewall device.
  • Although the command set of the emulated vrp environment is already quite impressive, QoS commands are still lacking. This is a pity, because being able to browse the QoS commands will assist future students in getting to grips with this elaborate topic.
  • A minor issue in the cosmetic department: the output displayed after entering display ip interface brief looks a bit dishevelled. It could do with some outlining.

Hopefully, this helps in further improving eNSC. All in all, I am very happy with this new tool (especially the multi command-line option is really neat).




Peter Kerkhof



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Created Sep 3, 2012 01:36:40

thank you for your feedback!

we have already write down your advices, and we will consider it seriously.

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Created Sep 10, 2012 13:45:39

I am looking forward to the introduction of the firewall and the high end routers then the tool will be unbeatable. I am enjoying the tool though. So when can we expect the firewall and high end routers to be introduced in the tool?
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Created Sep 11, 2012 02:39:33

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hi, Paxley_Kekana

in the follow-up version, the firewall would be provided.
at first, we will simulate other more types of router.


thank you!

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Created Jun 18, 2016 09:18:43

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