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An urgent situation has occurred in the cyberspace and needs to be dealt with immediately. There have been various questions about the web network management system (NMS):

What can be configured on the web NMS?

How can the web file be obtained?

How can we configure and log in to the web NMS?

This article is a specific introduction on web NMS.

12.gifWhat is web NMS?

Web NMS manages devices through the web. When a switch is managed in web mode, it is similar to a web server. Web pages are not stored in hard disks, but in the RAM of the switch. Web programs in the RAM can be upgraded through software. When an administrator enters the IP address of a switch in the browser, the switch, like a server, sends web pages to the computer, which makes you feel like visiting a website.

On the web page, you can see the port usage, device name, running time, and software version of the switch. Meanwhile, the CPU usage, memory usage, temperature, and fan status are also displayed.



Some functions of a device can be configured on the web NMS. This article will introduce some specific functions supported by the system.

12.gifWhat is the difference between web NMS and SNMP NMS?

SNMP network management: eSight is the SNMP NMS of Huawei Enterprise Networking.SNMP NMS is professional and able to manage network devices of multiple types simultaneously. However, purchase of special servers and network management software is required.

Web NMS: S series switches support the web NMS.There is no need to purchase any additional servers. The switches are delivered with web NMS files, which require no extra costs. However, the web NMS can only manage one device at a time.

12.gifWhat features can be configured using the web NMS?

Currently, the web NMS support the following functions for S series switches. The following uses switches running V200R019C10 as an example.




Displays the device running status and wired or wireless access information.


Supports configurations of the SVF, interfaces, VLANs, DHCP, ACLs, QoS, routes, IP services, security, and wireless services.


Supports diagnosis of switches.


Supports configurations of the upgrade, restart, user management, and AP maintenance.


Supports the EasyDeploy configuration.

4.gifSince the V200R005 version, the "EasyOperation" web NMS is launched, and the original web NMS becomes the "classic" one. Compared with the "classic" one, the "EasyOperation" one provides users with frequently-used operations in monitoring, configuration, maintenance, and network. For example, users can create VLANs, configure a DHCP address pool, and configure EasyDeploy (unconfigured device deployment, faulty device replacement, and batch upgrade).

12.gifHow do I obtain a web NMS file?

The web NMS software has been integrated into the system software of V200R006 and later versions and has been loaded on switches. Therefore, you do not need to download the web NMS software separately. In versions earlier than V200R006, the system software and web NMS software have independent files, so the web NMS software of the required version needs to be separately loaded. Here, the S7700 V200R003 version is used as an example to describe how to obtain web NMS files:

Tip:To obtain web files, you need to be a device user with certain rights.

1.      Enter in the address box of the Internet Explorer.

2.      Choose Support.

3.      Choose Software Download > Switch > Campus Switch.

4.      Click S7700 in Campus Switch.

5.      SelectQuidway S7700 V200R003C00SPC500from theVersion and Patchdrop-down list box and click the version number to view detailed information.



6.      Download the web file ending withweb.7zinVersion and Patch Software.

12.gifHow do I load a web file and configure an HTTP user?

Preparation: Upload the web file to a switch through FTP, SFTP, or TFTP before loading the file.

Tips: The web file must be saved in the root directory of the storage on the switch; otherwise, the web file cannot be loaded.

Use the S7700V200R003 version as an example to describe the configuration procedure.

[huawei] http server load S7700-V200R003C00.002.web.7z//Load the web file.

[huawei] http secure-server enable//Enable the HTTPS service.

[huawei] http server enable//Enable the HTTP service.

[huawei] aaa

[huawei-aaa] local-user admin1 password        //Configure an HTTP user.

Please configure the login password (8-128) 

It is recommended that the password consist of at least 2 types of characters, including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numerals and special characters.

Please enter password:********              //Enter the login password of the HTTP user.

Please confirm password:********           //Enter the confirm password.

Info:Add a new user.                                                          

Warning:The new user supports all access modes. The management user access modes such as Telnet, SSH, FTP, HTTP, and Terminal have security risks. You are advised to configure the required access modes only.

[huawei-aaa] local-user admin1 privilege level 15//Configure the HTTP user level.

Tip: HTTP users whose level is higher than 3 can manage devices through web while other users only have the rights to browse web pages.

[huawei-aaa] local-user admin1 service-type http //Configure the service type of users to HTTP.

12.gifHow to log in to the web NMS?  (Using S7700 V200R019C10 as an example)

Enterhttps:// is the IP address of the device to be managed and the IP address of the management network port) in the address box of the Internet explorer. Enter the HTTP user name and password that have been set and the verification code on the login page. Choose the language.

You can log in to the configuration page after the verification succeeds.


The configuration page is as follows:


Now, you can manage switches through the web NMS.

For detailed management procedures, please visit obtain theS7700&S9700 V200R019C10 Web NMS Operation Guide.Other product models can also be found on this website.

★★★Summary★★★ All About Huawei Switch Features and Configurations

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