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  • amr_rashedy
    I have more than ten years of experience in telecommunications and I like to share information. I also have a YouTube channel where I share everything I know about the telecommunications field and I have always sought to advance learning in telecommunications through apps, so I learned programming to implement those ideas and I am currently working as a developer for the telecommunications field . since I am a believer that there is a reward from God for those who exchange information ,so I loved participating in the Huawei Enterprise Support Community I loved the idea of the Huawei Enterprise Support Community, soI always promote the Huawei Enterprise Support Community in many videos on my YouTube channel
  • bruno.guedes
    More than 10y of experience in the ICT field, being the last 7y delivering solutions and training in routing & switching, WLAN, NGFW, Anti-Spam, WAF, videoconferencing and VoIP on different platforms (Huawei, Cisco, Juniper, HP, Aruba, Ruckus, Sophos, Barracuda, among others) for customers of the private and public sectors. I’m a Huawei System Instructor for HCIE-R&S and HCIA-Sec, and I’ve obtained multiple Huawei certifications (and I intend to obtain more).
  • andersoncf1
    I am a network engineer with 6+ years of experience in projects implementing IP Networks and Security solutions. I have certifications: HCIE-R&S, HCIP-R&S, HCIA-R&S, HCIP-Sec, HCIA-Sec and HCIA-WLAN. I joined the community in order to seek more information about products and share knowledge with members.
  • Diego.Silva
    I am a Solutions Architect, with 3 years of experience working with IP and Access Huawei networks for a great partner in Brazil. I have certifications: HCPA-IP, HCPP-IP, HCIA, HCIP R&S, and CCNA R&S.
  • zaheernew
    I'm an experienced Network Engineer, in charge of information technology section manager with a demonstrated history of working in the military & Government sectors. Skilled in Management, Cybersecurity, Fiber optic network (LAN/WAN), MS Windows Client & Server OS, Domain Name System (DNS), MS Exchange server, Linux server management, Network Monitoring (NMS) /Proxy servers, Troubleshooting and Technical Support. Strong information technology professional with Bachelors and currently completing my Masters degree.
  • cmarban
    In my proffesional acitivities, I bring support and management to enterprise's networks as routers, switches and Apps as well. I keep frequent contact with people, especiallly the final users who needs support and guidance to fulfil their daily operations. In my job, I help others to reach their goals ( as certification, for instance) and give some express master classes to my workmates about several technological topics.
  • user_4147187
    At present, I am learning the development of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. I have 2 years' experience in artificial intelligence-natural language processing, 1 year's experience in data analysis, and 1 year's internship experience in data mining. I have a good understanding of Huawei storage, access network and developer suite. I personally enjoy learning new things, especially in AI. I feel very honored to join this community and become a member of it. Through mutual help and experience sharing in the community, I can rapidly increase my knowledge and improve my skills. I hope that we can have greater promotion, let more people know our community and I hope that our community can do better and better.
  • Malik3000
    I am a Telecommunication engineer specialized in Transmission, working for more than 15 years in Optical Transmission systems such as SDH, DWDM, OTN. My work in the HQ of Operation and maintenance of core network allowed me to master several vendors' equipment, but I always prefer Huawei equipment. Throughout my work life, I got involved in several duties like Networks Planning, preparing RFPs, analyzing tenders offers, acceptance tests. Huawei support, documentation and community are some of the great features of Huawei. You can easily find details not only about Huawei equipment, but also about state of art technologies, while, in community, you get involved with engineers operating the largest world wide networks using Huawei. About me, I am really proud to be part of Huawei community.
  • E.DR_91
    I’m an Information Technology Engineer, I work as a Head of section in Management Information System with over seven years of experience specializing in Software Testing, where we develop and execute software test plans in order to identify software problems and their causes. It’s nice to be a part of this great community and always be in touch with the new tools and topics that increase my knowledge, especially when problems are posted and solved by community members.

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