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VRP on switches and U2000 NMS version upgrade

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We have got S77xx and S93xx switches and a NMS whitch is U2000.

Switches are running VRP ver V200R003 now and U2000 is V100R009.

We plan to upgrade both, VRP on switches and U2000 to ensure proper and flawless colaboration between NEs and NMS.


Target VRP version is V200R009 wchis is not compatible whith V100R009 version of the NMS (U2000)


What is your view on the matter of the proper sequence of actions ? What shall we do first : upgrade NMS (U2000) and then VRP on switches or the other way round ?


Regards, Piotr


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Created Aug 26, 2017 01:24:36

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Created Aug 28, 2017 05:34:55

ususally in the BOQ to your contract you should have upgrade item sold for your U2000 to match LSW software it is looks like "U2000 Software Release Entitlement from Rn to R(n+1)(Per server)" it means that software upgrade has beeb sold and you can upgrade your U2000 version.
Then it worth to visit the folowing link on which is online tool that can help you to figure out upgrade steps for your U2000 becouse sometimes you can do a direct upgrade to the target version and you need to pass several versions.
as fare as i know current operational U2000 version is V200R15
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Created Aug 30, 2017 10:10:43

Posted by Heisenberg at 2017-08-28 05:34 hi,ususally in the BOQ to your contract you should have upgrade item sold for your U2000 to match LS ...
Thanks a lot for all the information. It's really useful.

However, what I am really looking for is relations between software on NE (for example s7700 switches) and U2000 version in terms of upgrade sequence of actions (switch or NMS first ?) if I am to upgrade both - switch as well as U2000 at the same technological window of time.

There are tables telling which U2000 version requires which version of VRP on a switch to maitain proper operations.
My concern is related to the fact, that newer versions of NE software don't comunicate properly with older U2000 versions and vice versa.
For example. I have a s7700 switch running V200R003 software and U2000 in V100R009 version.
Let's assume that I have met all license/contract conditions needed to go on with the upgrade of the U2000 to V200R15 and s7700 to V200R009. Let's say I have collected all the software and patches needed.
Do I need to upgrade s7700 first or U2000 in order to retain seamless communication and management of NEs (switches) ?
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