VPN Routes not installing

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Can anyone explain me how huawei me60-x3 install vpn routes in vpn-instance. Problem that im facing is, im able to receive vpn routes from remote PE and it is also displaying in mpbgp table. But these routes are not installing in the respective vpn-instance table. As soon as i configured tnl-policy under vpn-instance routes get install in vpn-instance. I have read that tnl-policy is optional , then why im facing this weird behaviour.

ip vpn-instance RED
  route-distinguisher 9541:1
  vpn-target 9541:1 export-extcommunity
  vpn-target 9541:1 import-extcommunity

interface Tunnel0/0/1
description *** mex3-isbbras ***
ip address unnumbered interface LoopBack0
tunnel-protocol mpls te
destination x.x.x.x
mpls te tunnel-id 1
mpls te record-route label
mpls te path explicit-path me60-x3-isbbras-p1
mpls te path explicit-path me60-x3-isbbras-s1 secondary
mpls te backup hot-standby mode revertive wtr 15
mpls te backup ordinary best-effort
mpls te backup hot-standby overlap-path
mpls te commit

ip route-static x.x.x.x Tunnel0/0/1

dis bgp vpnv4 vpn-instance RED routing-table

BGP Local router ID is
Status codes: * - valid, > - best, d - damped,
               h - history,  i - internal, s - suppressed, S - Stale
               Origin : i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

VPN-Instance RED, Router ID

Total Number of Routes: 6
      Network            NextHop        MED        LocPrf    PrefVal Path/Ogn

*>         0                     0      ?
   i  0          100        0      ?
   i  0          100        0      ?
*>         0                     0      ?
*>         0                     0      ?
*>         0                     0      ? and are the prefixes that im receiving from remote PE. But it is not best in the mpbgp table.

dis ip routing-table vpn-instance RED
Route Flags: R - relay, D - download to fib
Routing Tables: RED
         Destinations : 6        Routes : 6       

Destination/Mask    Proto   Pre  Cost      Flags NextHop         Interface  Direct  0    0           D       LoopBack2  Direct  0    0           D       Eth-Trunk1.563005  Direct  0    0           D       Eth-Trunk1.563005  Direct  0    0           D       Eth-Trunk1.563005  Direct  0    0           D       Eth-Trunk1.563005  Direct  0    0           D       InLoopBack0

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Thank you for sharing.
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