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USB-based deployment Use Precautions

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Constraints on USB-based deployment

  • Only one USB flash drive can be connected to a device.
  • In V200R005C00 and later versions, USB-based deployment using a smart_config.ini index file is supported, and this deployment mode is supported in a stack. The USB flash drive must be connected to the master switch of the stack. If it is connected to the standby switch or a slave switch, the USB-based deployment process will not start.
  • USB-based deployment using the usbload_config.txt index file can only be performed in a single switch, not a stack of multiple switches. In a stack of multiple switches, if the USB flash drive is connected to the standby switch or a slave switch, the USB-based deployment process will not start. If the USB flash drive is connected to the master switch, the USB indicator blinks red fast, indicating that the USB-based deployment fails. In this case, the switch records an error report including the following information: The usbload_config.txt index file cannot be used for USB deployment of a multi-member stack.
  • The S5710-X-LI, S5720SI, S5720S-SI, S5720LI, S5720S-LI, S6720EI, S6720S-EI, S5720EI and S5720HI series switches support only the smart_config.ini format.
  • The S5700S-28X-LI-AC, S5700S-52X-LI-AC, and S5700S-28P-PWR-LI-AC in the S5700S-LI series support only the smart_config.ini format.
  • Fields in an index file are restricted by the current system version. For example, if some fields in the index file are not supported by the current system version, these fields are invalid for an upgrade to a later version.
  • USB-based deployment is mutually exclusive with the SVF, web initial login mode and EasyDeploy functions.
  • In USB-based deployment scenarios, the devices (S5720HI switches) may be upgraded to V200R008C00 or a later version after restart. In this case, the devices check whether the configuration file for next startup contains WLAN configuration that conflicts with the software package for next startup. If so, the devices cannot restart and the USB-based deployment fails. The error report file usbload_error.txt is generated in the root directory of the USB flash drive, recording the failure causes. To solve this problem, you need to use eDesk to convert the configuration file and then set it as the next startup configuration file.

Precautions for USB-based deployment

  • Devices to be deployed are unconfigured devices and do not have security measures configured. Therefore, when onsite non-professionals perform deployment task, ensure that they do not perform any unauthorized operations on the devices, USB flash drive, and deployment files.

  • Before saving files to a USB flash drive, disable the write-protection function of the USB flash drive.
  • Do not use a partitioned USB flash drive to deploy the S5720EI, S5720HI, S5720SI, S5720S-SI, S5720LI, S5720S-LI, S6720EI, or S6720S-EI switches. Otherwise, the switches may fail to find the files saved on the USB flash drive, resulting in a failed USB-based deployment.
  • Before using a USB flash drive to upgrade a device, ensure that the device can start successfully and has sufficient space to store the required files.
  • Do not power off the device during a USB-based deployment process. Otherwise, the upgrade fails or the device cannot start.
  • Do not remove the USB flash drive before the USB-based deployment process is complete. Otherwise, data in the USB flash drive may be corrupted.
  • A smart_config.ini index file supports encryption and HMAC check for a configuration file, whereas a usbload_config.txt index file does not. Therefore, if upgrade files include a configuration file, you are advised to make a smart_config.ini index file, configure an encryption password for the configuration file, and enable HMAC check to enhance security.
  • The S5700LI supports two index file formats: smart_config.ini and usbload_config.txt. If both types of index files are saved in a USB flash drive, the smart_config.ini file is preferred. During USB-based deployment, it is not recommended to save the two types of index files in the USB flash drive. When rolling back a device to V200R003 or earlier using a USB flash drive, it is recommended to use the usbload_config.txt index file because V200R003 and earlier versions do not support the smart_cfg.ini index file.

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