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Product Series NO. Huawei LINK
UC CloudEC19.X Feature Infographics Issue No.1 Universal Transcoding Conferences, Full Switching Conferences, and SVC Conferences
Issue No.2 Unidirectional Live Broadcast Conference 
Issue No.3 Joining a Conference by Dialing Its Access Number 
Issue No.4 Progressive Voice Conference
Issue No.5 Progressive Video Conference
Issue No.6 P2P to Multipoint
Issue No.7 Sharing Content Using a Wireless Projection Code
CloudEC19.0 Solution Documentation Now Available Issue No.1 Preview of Solution Highlights
Issue No.2 EC3000 Small-Scale Solution,6 Hours to Complete Installation and Configuration
Issue No.3 Generating Data Plans with Several Simple Clicks Using the Network Design Tool
Issue No.4 About Product Documentation
Issue No.5 Special Topic of Extranet Access, A Closer Look at SBC Principles
Issue No.6 Special Topic of Nearby Access, Resources Distributed to Branches
Issue No.7 Next-Generation Intelligent Collaborative Endpoints, Delivering an Unprecedented Meeting Ex
Issue No.8 Special Topic of Disaster Recovery (DR)
Issue No.9 Your Document, You Decide
CloudEC Technical Exploration-Season 2  Issue No.1 On-premises convergent EC DR - NE connections
CloudEC Technical Exploration Issue No.1 EC On-premises Intranet Access.IP Phone Management and Access
Issue No.2 EC On-premises Intranet Access.Querying the Corporate Directory on IP Phones
Issue No.3 EC On-premises Intranet Access.Videoconference endpoint Management and Access
Issue No.4 EC On-premises Intranet Access.Querying the Corporate Directory on Videoconferencing Endpoints
Issue No.5 EC On-premises Intranet Access.Querying the Corporate Directory on the eSpace Desktop&Mobile
Issue No.6 EC On-premises Extranet Access.Joining a Data Conference Using a Browser
Issue No.7 EC On-premises Extranet Access.Logging In to the Portal of an NE Using a Browser
Issue No.8 EC On-premises Extranet Access.Videoconferencing Endpoint Management and Access
Issue No.9 EC On-premises Extranet Access. Querying the Corporate Directory on Videoconferencing Endpoints
Issue No.10 EC On-premises Extranet Access.Initiating a SiteCall on Videoconferencing Endpoints
Issue No.11 EC On-premises Extranet Access.Joining a voice+video conference on Videoconferencing Endpoints
Issue No.12 EC On-premises Extranet Access.eSpace Desktop & Mobile Authentication, Login, and Registration
Issue No.13 EC On-premises Extranet Access.eSpace Desktop & Mobile Corporate Directory Query
Issue No.14 EC On-premises Extranet Access. Joining Audio and Video Conferences Using eSpace Desktop&Mobile
Issue No.15 EC On-premises Extranet Access. Joining Data Conferences Using eSpace Desktop&Mobile
Issue No.16 EC On-premises Extranet Access. eSpace Desktop&Mobile Message Processing
Issue No.17 EC On-premises Extranet Access. eSpace Desktop&Mobile Certificate Downloading
Issue No.18 EC On-premises Extranet Access. eSpace Desktop Rich Media Service Processing
Issue No.19 EC On-premises Extranet Access. eSpace Mobile Rich Media Service Processing
Issue No.20 EC On-premises Extranet Access. eSpace Desktop Software Upgrade.
CloudEC6.X Feature Infographics Issue No.1 P2P Video Call
Issue No.2 Corporate Directory
Issue No.3 Instant Conference
Issue No.4 CLIP on the IP Phone
Issue No.5 Multi-line Call
Issue No.6 What is a convergent conference
Issue No.7 Scheduling a convergent conference
Issue No.8 Conference Notification
Issue No.9 Joining a Convergent Conference (by Dialing the Conference Access Number)
Issue No.10 Joining a Convergent Conference (From the conference list)
Issue No.11 Joining a Convergent Conference by an Email (by the Conference Link in the Email)
Issue No.12 Proactively Initiating an Instant Meeting on an eSpace Client
Issue No.13 Proactively Holding an Instant Conference on a TE Endpoint
Issue No.14 Conference control
Issue No.15 Interoperability Between Presentations and Data
CloudEC Encyclopedia Issue No.1 Number and DID
Issue No.2 DN Set, Call Source and Call Prefix
Issue No.3 Cluster and Two-Node Cluster
Issue No.4 Enterprise Subgroups
Issue No.5 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p60, 720p30 and 4CIF
Issue No.6 Dual-streaming and SVC Multi-streaming
Miss e's Class on UC Features Issue No.1 Advanced Secretary 
Issue No.2 Automatic Switchboard
Issue No.3 Audio Paging
Issue No.4 Emergency Call
Issue No.5 Automatic Callback
Issue No.6 Multi-line Call
Issue No.7 Password-based
Issue No.8 Blacklist and Whitelist Call Barring
Issue No.9 Anonymous Call Rejection 
Issue No.10 Call Barring Service Comparison 
Issue No.11 Voice Mailbox
Issue No.12 One Number Link You
Issue No.13 Call Pickup
Issue No.14 Hunt Group
Issue No.15 Toll Fraud Prevention
Issue No.16 Corporate Directory
Issue No.17 Rich Media Message
Issue No.18 IP Phone Linkage
Issue No.19 Collaborative Meeting
Issue No.20 Automatic Callback
Learn How to Be an Expert User of UC Services with Miss e Issue No.1 One Number Link You 
Issue No.2 Audio Paging 
Issue No.3 Three-way Calling 
Issue No.4 Call Forwarding 
Issue No.5 Call Transfer 
Issue No.6 Hunt Group 
Issue No.7 Pickup 
Issue No.8 Asynchronous Document Browsing 
Miss e's Insights into UC Technologies Issue No.1 Login and Registration Principle and Fault 
Issue No.2 Basic Call Principle and Fault Analysis
Issue No.3  UC Signaling and Media Encryption Principles
Issue No.4 U1900 License Principle and Fault Analysis
Issue No.5 Number Change Principle and Fault Analysis
Issue No.6  R2 Trunk Principle and Fault Analysis
Miss e's Video of Configuration Issue No.1 Configuring Basic U1900 Data and Intra-office Calls
Issue No.2 Configuring IP Phones in Batches Using eSight
Issue No.3 Collecting PC Client Logs
Issue No.4 Collecting Mobile Client Logs
Issue No.5 Collecting IP Phone Logs
Issue No.6 Collecting ECS Logs
Issue No.7 Collecting U1900 Logs Using the LMT
Issue No.8 Collecting U1900 Logs Using CLI
Issue No.9 Capturing IP Phone Data Packets Using Wireshark
Issue No.10 How to Record Voice Files for U1900
Issue No.11 Backing Up and Loading Voice Files
Issue No.12 Setting Up an FTP Server
Issue No.13 Automatic Switchboard service
Issue No.14 Tracing Signaling Using the LMT
Miss e's Video of Configuration-Season 2 Issue No.1 Using the VTS Tool to Collect Device Information
Issue No.2  Collecting eMP Logs
Issue No.3  Collecting SMC2.0 Logs
Issue No.4 Tracing USM Signaling Messages Using the LMT
Issue No.5 Configuring the EUA (UC terminal)
Issue No.6 Customizing IVR Voice Files
Issue No.7 Configuring the Auto Attendant Console Service
Issue No.8 Synchronizing Accounts from the LDAP Server
Issue No.9 Configuring the EUA (VC Endpoint)
Issue No.10 Configuring TE Endpoints in Batches on eSight
Issue No.11 Verifying the Intra-Office Calling Service
Issue No.12 Verifying the Video Conferencing Service
Issue No.13 Commissioning the Convergent Conference Service

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could you please send this link for HCNA-UC training materials. 'Thanks
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useful document, thanks
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