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Understanding Kubernetes for all - A Beginner Guide

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Dear All community,

Good day! t_0003.gif

    Today, I am starting a new series of articles where we share Technology in a simplified version for everyone to understand.

Kubernetes in less than 200 words

People often ask about Kubernetes in simple words, here is an analogy to understand for all



It is the person in charge of an orchestra(),

    In a certain way, this is true. Kubernetes coordinates and adjusts all the different "instruments and sections" that make up an application on a server. This is so that it can respond quickly and well to multiple users, even if demand for different parts of an application changes.


Let's move further

 Kubernetes is a production-grade, OpenSource platform that orchestrates containers for application deployment, scaling, and management of applications within and across computer clusters (or Cloud.) 

Kubernetes logo

Logo - Kubernetes

Image Source:  Kubernetes Website

In simple words

    It’s a container orchestration platform for managing container-based workloads, and services, automating deployment and scaling containerized applications.



It was initially created by Google and it was open-sourced and given over to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in the summer of 2014. Kubernetes services, support, and tools are widely accessible.



Using Kubernetes, you can reliably execute distributed systems. Your application's scalability and failover are handled by this service.

  •  Easy-of-use

  • Rich feature-set

  • High Availability

  • Version control

  • Outstanding Community


Ending Remarks

Users of current online services anticipate that apps will be accessible around-the-clock, while developers anticipate that they will provide updated versions of such programs many times each day. Containerization is a tool that helps package software so that it may better fulfill these aims. It also makes it possible for programs to be launched and updated in a simple and quick manner with no interruptions in service.

Few Reasons Why Kubernetes Is So Popular

  • Kubernetes is a free and open-source software system.

  • Everything in Kubernetes is managed through code.

  • Kubernetes can be deployed anywhere. Be it #cloud , VMs, #datacenter or even raspberry pi


You are more than welcome to write a remark and engage in conversation in the comment section. Thank you very much!


Keep learning and keep growing

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well explained, and good presentation too
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Thanks for your sharing!
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