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Try out Huawei NetDesigner App and Take HUAWEI MediaPad for Free Activity

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Try out a Smart Design Tool App to Enjoy Amazing Customized Solutions

— Huawei Rolls out Its First Network Design Tool App and Grants Trial Users Grand Gifts!

n Huawei NetDesigner App A Good Assistant for Quick SME Campus Network DesignHuawei NetDesigner App is Huawei's first smart mobile solution design tool App, which is designed for typical applications found in Huawei's campus networks solutions. Running on iPad, this App enables channel partners to quickly design solutions and select product models. It also provides product specifications that help channel partners improve technical exchanges with their customers.

Major Functions

The Huawei NetDesigner App implements one-click solution design, device selection, and design report, automatically generates a network topology and recommends product models, and changes the model and quantity of products in a visual manner. It is absolutely a highly efficient assistant for channel partners and frontline engineers to conduct pre-sales technical communication and solution design.

Product Range

The Huawei NetDesigner App supports the following Huawei products: S series switches, AR and NE series routers, WLAN devices, and Network Management Systems (NMSs).

Usage Scenarios

Huawei NetDesigner App version 1.0 enables quick-and-simple as well as advanced designs:

Quick-and-simple designs can be created by customers with elementary technology knowledge. Customers can enter simple, basic parameters to develop simple network design solutions that require a limited range of products.

Advanced design solutions are available to customers with high-level technology knowledge. These customers can configure parameters such as switching systems, egress routes, wireless access, and voice services to create advanced, complex campus network designs.

Download and Installation

The Huawei NetDesigner App is now applicable only to iPad. The following download modes are available.

Download through search: You can search "Huawei NetDesigner" in Apple Store.

2D code scanning: You can scan the following 2D code.

Activity Details

The Huawei NetDesigner App serves as a solution selection tool, thus having certain requirements on trial users. No matter whether you are an IT contact person, an IT technical expert, a Huawei channel partner, or a Huawei frontline engineer, we sincerely welcome you to attend the this activity to get in close touch with the Huawei NetDesigner App and get dedicated nice gifts.

1.   Activity Objectives

To introduce and promote the Huawei NetDesigner App to channel partners, customers, and Huawei frontline engineers.

To provide important inputs for improving the App's functions through users' trial use and actual experience sharing.

To exploit and quickly respond to customers' requirements for network solution design and offer customized solutions.

2.   Activity Time 

May 27, 2013 to June 27, 2013

3.   Awards Settings

Supreme Design Awards (One)

Ø Requirements: Solution design report for a real project (network topology + device list + solution highlights) + solution elaboration (project requirements + solution + solution benefits) with at least 500 words + at least 5 improvement recommendations

Ø Supreme Design Awards: One HUAWEI MediaPad 7 (latest version)

Talented Design Awards (Three)

Ø Requirements: Solution design report for a real or unreal project (network topology + device list + solution highlights) + solution elaboration (project requirements + solution + solution benefits) with at least 300 words + at least 3 improvement recommendations

Ø Talented Design Awards: One Huawei mini wireless modem (vogue version)

General Awards (Several)

Ø Requirements: Posts No.20, No.30, No.40, and No.xx0 with a solution design report for a real or unreal project + solution elaboration with at least 200

words + at least 1 improvement recommendation

Ø  Good Luck Awards: One Huawei-specific gift

4.   Awards Evaluation Criteria and Corresponding Explanation

Evaluation Criteria and Explanation for Supreme Design Awards

Projects involved in the solution design activity must be real projects.

The solution design involved must be an advanced solution design.

Complexity and technical difficulty of the actual project are important evaluation criteria.

Quantity and quality of improvement recommendations are also evaluation criteria.

l  Design plan demonstration through screen recording via iPad or through other unique methods has greater odds of winning a nice gift.

Talented Design Awards and General Awards have no requirement on the realness of the projects involved. So long as youparticipate in this activity and meet the corresponding requirements listed in the awards settings, you will be a gift winner.

* The final power of interpretation of this activity is owned by Huawei Enterprise Networking Product Line. Should you have any questions about this activity,

please give your feedback through Huawei Enterprise Networking BBS or microblogging website. You can also email us at

Hereby, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for your continuous attention to and great support for Huawei Enterprise Networking Product Line. We also sincerely hope that the Huawei NetDesigner App could be of great help and bring you a big surprise.

Enterprise Networking Product Line


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Created Jun 9, 2013 08:00:28

Very big and exciting news. Absolutely worth a try!

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