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[Troubleshooting Series] Case 20 PPPOE can't work correctly

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Hello everyone,

Today, I will introduce how to handle the problem that PPPOE can't work correctly.

Network Topology

Figure 1-1 PPPOE can't work correctly



Fault Description

l   AR2 works as a PPPoE server, AR1 will get access to the internet by dialing to AR2.

l   AR2 needs to authenticate AR1, the dial username is Huawei, the password is huawei123, the authentication method is chap.

l   Other parameter is default

The customer can not ping from one side ( to the other side (

Figure 1-2 Ping



Configuration Files


acl number 3002  
 rule 5 permit ip source   
interface Dialer1
 link-protocol ppp   
 ppp authentication-mode chap 
 ppp chap user huawei
 ppp chap password cipher huawei123
 ip address ppp-negotiate
 dialer user user2
 dialer bundle 1
 nat outbound 3002  
interface GigabitEthernet2/0/0
 pppoe-client dial-bundle-number 1
ip route-static Dialer1


ip pool pool1
 network mask
 local-user huawei password cipher huawei123
 local-user huawei privilege level 0
 local-user huawei service-type ppp
interface Virtual-Template1
 ppp authentication-mode pap 
 remote address pool pool1
 ppp ipcp dns
 timer hold 30
 ip address
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/0.100
  dot1q termination vid 100
  pppoe-server bind Virtual-Template 1

Troubleshooting Location

Step 1. Check the ppp lcp parameters. Notice the authentication parameters. Only PPPOE servers need to authenticate PPPoE clients, it's not necessary to authenticate PPPoE servers on PPPoE clients.

Step 2. Check the ppp ipcp paramters. Such as the IP pool. After changing the IP pool network, the PPPoE client can get an IP address and can get access to the PPPoE client.

Root Cause

Check the parameters about ppp authentication and ppp ipcp.

That is all I want to share with you!

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Created Dec 27, 2018 06:49:10

Customer can not ping from one side ( to the other side ( you provide a more detailed explanation?
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Created Dec 30, 2018 07:15:04

Very good sharing, you are useful
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Created Jan 16, 2019 10:09:06

This so good, like the function of Cisco
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