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Translate from cisco commands to Huawei commands---IP Domain

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Cisco   CommandsHuawei Commands
[no] ip   domain lookup[undo] dns resolve
arp ip-address mac-address ARPA [alias]arp static ip-address mac-address
ip dhcp pool pool-namedhcp server ip-pool pool-name
ip domain   list domain-namedns domain domain-name
ip   helper-address service-ipdhcp replay   service-ip service-ip
ip unnumber interface-type interface-numberip address unnumbered   interface interface-type interface-number
ip host hostname ip-addressip host hostname ip-address
ip tcp   window-size  window-sizetcp window window-size
ip tcp   synwait-time intervaltcp timer syn-timeout   interval
ip local   policy route-map policy-nameip local   policy-based-route policy-name
[no] service   dhcp[undo] dhcp enable
ip   dhcp-server ipdhcp-server ip-address
ip dhcp pool ip-pool-nameip pool ip-pool-name
default-router   ip-addressgateway-list ip-address
ip dhcp   excluded-address start-ip-address end-ip-addressexcluded-ip-address start-ip-address end-ip-address
{ip   domain-name domain-name|ip   domain name domain-name}dns domain domain-name
arp timeout expire-timearp expire-time expire-time
ip address ip-address maskip address ip-address mask
ip address ip-address mask secondaryip address ip-address mask sub
[no] ip   redirects[undo] icmp redirect   send
ip   helper-address ipudp-helper server ip-address
ip   helper-address ip-addressudp-helper server ip-address
ip proxy-arparp-proxy enable
no ip   proxy-arpundo arp-proxy enable
interface   Virtual-Template vt-numberinterface   Virtual-Template vt-number
bba-group   pppoe group-name
     virtual-template vt-number                                                                                                                                       
    interface GigabitEthernet
     pppoe enable group
    interface GigabitEthernet
     pppoe-server bind virtual-template
ip options   dropdiscard srr
ip unnumbered   Loopback1ip address unnumbered   interface interface-type interface-number
set ip   next-hop ip-addressapply ip-address   next-hop ip-address
[no] ip   unreachables[undo] icmp   host-unreachable send

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Created Dec 29, 2018 02:05:47

[undo] icmp host-unreachable send
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Created Dec 29, 2018 05:44:06

good article , it's a good table for translating configuration .
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Created Dec 29, 2018 05:49:11

In small networks, where only one IP subnet is being managed, DHCP clients communicate directly with DHCP servers. However, DHCP servers can also provide IP addresses for multiple subnets. In this case, a DHCP client that has not yet acquired an IP address cannot communicate directly with the DHCP server using IP routing, because it does not have a routable IP address, does not know the link layer address of a router and does not know the IP address of the DHCP server.

In order to allow DHCP clients on subnets not directly served by DHCP servers to communicate with DHCP servers, DHCP relay agents can be installed on these subnets. The DHCP client broadcasts on the local link; the relay agent receives the broadcast and transmits it to one or more DHCP servers using unicast. The relay agent stores its own IP address in field GIADDR field of the DHCP packet. The DHCP server uses the GIADDR-value to determine the subnet on which the relay agent received the broadcast, and allocates an IP address on that subnet. When the DHCP server replies to the client, it sends the reply to the GIADDR-address, again using unicast. The relay agent then retransmits the response on the local network.

In this situation, the communication between the relay agent and the DHCP server typically uses both a source and destination UDP port of 67.
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