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Top 4 LTE CPE routers in 2016

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Hello there, everyone!

This post is about the top 4 LTE CPE routers in 2016. Please see more details below.


As we all know, CPE is generally owned by the telecommunications provider, though some customers do choose to purchase modems or routers. CPE for small offices/home offices (SOHO) or residential broadband access needs to be easy to configure, administer, and secure.

Consumer-grade CPE best practices include the following:

  • Do not forward packets that have a multicast source address.

  • Block packets destined for multicast destinations in the outbound direction.

  • Do not allow RH0 packets inbound or outbound.

  • Block packets sourced from Unique Local Address (ULA) space (that is, FC00::/7).

  •  Block other bogon addresses from entering and leaving the interior LAN (difficult to do because this list changes several times each year).

  • Block packets that are not sourced from the global unicast prefix assigned on the LAN interface. This prevents spoofed packets from leaving the user LAN.

  • Deny packets sourced from the internal LAN prefix from coming in the external interface. This prevents spoofed packets from entering from the Internet.

To follow these guidelines, we would list 4 home-user-grade LTE CPE routers for home and SOHO. They are the simplest form of routers and have single default settings, and they provide DHCP services to the computers on their wired or wireless LAN.


The B593 LTE CPE router is the first LTE TDD wireless broadband router in the world, supporting LTE TDD/FDD 800/1800/2300/2600MHz up to 100Mbps download speed. Access for up to 32 WIFI devices marks as an ideal home entertainment and information exchange hub. It supports multiple devices and provides simultaneous high speed access, perfect for SOHO's and small businesses with its connectivity options. For better signal strength, there are two plugs for external antennas to boost the signal in Huawei B593. If there’s no LTE in the area, B593 will switch to HSPA+/HSPA/3G automatically and work on the best networks available.

HUAWEI E5175s-22 

This is the new one LTE-Advanced 300Mbps mobile hotspot router. It is compatible with mainstream LTE bands FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz and TDD 2600MHz, also works for 3G UMTS 900/2100MHz, you can access internet through WIFI or Ethernet and enjoy up to 300Mbps fast speed.


The B315 is older than B593. It delivers maximum speeds of LTE CAT4 150Mbps through its Gigabit Ethernet port. The B315’s enhanced Wi-Fi extends wireless coverage and eliminates dead corners. It offers wireless access for up to 32 devices. The B315 also provides VoIP features.


Possessing the LTE-Advanced Category 6, it offers up to 300 MBit / s in downlink (sic), it works for both LTE FDD and TDD networks with different LTE frequencies, and it is also 3G & 2G Network backward compatible (sic). The Huawei E5186 4G LTE CPE Wireless Gateway has four LAN ports on the back are now working at gigabit speed, the WLAN module now supports the standards 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and thus allows wireless transmission rates of up to 1.3 gigabits / s Thus, the high speeds of LTE-Advanced can also use easily on the terminal, it supports up to 64 devices access to internet simultaneously (sic). The sub-model E5186s-22a supports full LTE frequencies including LTE FDD DD800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz and TDD 2600MHz.

These would be the top 4 LTE CPE routers in 2016.

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Created Apr 20, 2016 03:51:20

Get more Huawei 4G routers and modems, please refer to:

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Created Apr 21, 2016 13:39:49

Huawei E5186 is no doubt the best one in them. With carrier aggregation technology, the peak speed could reach to 300Mbps. Other models such as Huawei E5175S-22, B315s-22, B593 are old models. 

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Created Jun 4, 2017 00:56:06

where does the huawei b890 fit in here?
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Created Jun 18, 2017 14:24:04

You ignore the latest Huawei B525 4G Router and Huawei B618 4G Router.
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Created Apr 24, 2018 03:44:37

You should update the list now, the latest Huawei B818, B618, B715, B525, E5186, B529, B528 are the top models in 2017 and 2018.
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