【Training Notice】Huawei IT Career Certification Online Training in July

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Project External Guest Meeting ID
Section 1: HCNA-Big data Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/513119771 513119771
Section 2: HCNA-Big data Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/585197602 585197602
Section 3: HCNA-Big data Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/906100969 906100969
Section 4: HCNA-Big data Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/620702299 620702299
Section 5: HCNA-Big data Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/755218105 755218105
Section 6: HCNA-Storage Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/665376202 665376202
Section 7: HCNA-Cloud Online Training https://welink-meeting.zoom.us/j/118759476 118759476
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Suyifly  Moderator   Released on 2018-6-27 16:25:41 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Welcome to study Huawei IT career certification.
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Bharath     Released on 2018-7-9 14:26:13 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Dear Team,

I'm interest to do the HCNA-Storage online Training on 24th, please share the details to join the same.
My mail ID bharathkumar@orientindia.net & Mob: 9986710701.

Thanking You
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