The device BUG cause failed to upload before the upgrade of the VRP NE

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 Issue Description:

When a VV upgrade is performed on a VRP 9600 network element at a site on the current network, after the packet loading and distribution are completed, multiple sets of devices report failures when theNE data is uploaded. Root Cause Device error. After the packet distribution ends, the NE is uploaded. The NMS will query the NE version information. The information returned by the NE includes the device version information of the target device version. When the NMS issues the new version information, the device does not support the device version information.


 Handling Process:

1、After viewing the NE Manager log, you find that the following error message is returned by the device through the netconf packet:


2、This reason is generally due to the inconsistency between the version nodes and devices delivered by the NMS. After the device is queried by the mml command (sys-get-nesoftver), it is found that the activated version of the faulty network element has become V1R6, but the actual device version is still V1R3:


3、In the scenario above, if the NMS is issued to the device with the V1R6 version of the command, if the version of device V1R3 is not identified, the above error will be reported.

 Root Cause:

After the package is distributed, when the network element is uploaded, the NMS will query the version information of the network element. The information returned by the network element contains the device version information of the target version of the device upgrade. When the network management device delivers the information with the new version information, the device Does not support return error.


Avoidance plan:

The network element continues to upgrade. After the activation is complete, the device version is changed to V1R6 and the upload is completed.


No, need to push the device to give a solution plan version, or update the upgrade guide, and put the NE upload operation before the package distribution operation or after the NE upgrade.
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Great! Thanks for sharing!
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nice post
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Helpful post!
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