The winner list publication -【Win HCNA Exam Vouchers】HCNA-Transmission and HCNA-Access Online Courses are Coming!

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This post shows the winner list publication for the HCNA exam vouchers of the HCNA-Transmission and HCNA-Access online courses. Please find then below.

Winners for HCNA-Access V2.0 Online courses:

1. smart.amiable

2. Cig (The voucher number has been sent to email box)

3. GYS (The voucher number has been sent to email box)

4. User_2755255(The voucher number has been sent to email box)

5. NocolaZambelli (The voucher number has been sent to email box)

6. j00297717 (The voucher number has been sent to email box)


Winners for HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online courses:

1. user_3116837

2. pierre21

3. Waqaslqbal

4. Fatin

5. Qris

6. James.M (The voucher number has been sent to email box)

7. Faward (The voucher number has been sent to email box)

8. Khansen (The voucher number has been sent to email box)


Dear winners, please leave your valid email address via a private message (Forum administrator) and we will send you the voucher number as soon as possible. Thanks for your participation. ^_^


Method: Please click my profile photo to access my user center and send me a message.



Course SectionOnline Course LinkMeeting ID
Section 1: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course
Section 2: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course
Section 3: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course
Section 4: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course
Section 1: HCNA-Access V2.0 Online Course
Section 2: HCNA-Access V2.0 Online Course
Section 3: HCNA-Access V2.0 Online Course

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marcioty Created Jul 26, 2018 22:53:06
[HCNA-Access] This is a short training, with the fundamentals of access technologies, with few but relevant slides, very well presented.  
Created Jul 26, 2018 12:58:19 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

This training was very interesting, especially the WDM part! :):)
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Created Jul 26, 2018 13:01:32 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


Hi guys,

the training was very fruitful, it was clear and direct. The instructors mastered the subject well and cleared all doubts. Huawei is congratulated for the initiative, always standing out in the market.

Now study, practice and cheer to earn the voucher.

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Created Jul 26, 2018 13:03:30 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


Nice explanation, but I think the max T-CONT number for each ONT is around 8, not 128. Could you confirm this?
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LucaD Created Jul 26, 2018 13:25:03
Dear NicolaZambelli, this is what i know about MA5620/MA5626 32 T-CONT supported by an up-link GPON port. Each upstream T-CONT supports 8 queues. Hope this help you  
NicolaZambelli Reply LucaD  Created Jul 26, 2018 13:38:52
Dear LucaD, you should know that I was talking about ONT, not MDU nor ONU, so in that case the max number should be around 8.  
Created Jul 26, 2018 13:11:20 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

After finished this 3-day training, I strongly recommend this program to those who are seeking for the opportunity to upgrade themselves to becomes network professional for the Access or Transmission in telecommunications technologies.
The learning modules are specifically design for this course to enable the participants to understand the Access Network Overview, GPON principle, GPON Broadband Service Provisioning and Configurations.

In the Access Network Overview, we learn about the various technologies used in the access part such as xDSL technology for copper access and xPON technologies for fiber access network. NMS system such as U2000 and eSight for monitoring and configuration of Access equipment.

For GPON principle we learn about the GPON main components, OLT, ONT/ONU and ODN. GPON frame structure for upstream and downstream. GPON wavelength, data rate, distance, and capacity.
We also learn about the important parameters in GPON technology such as GEM port, T-CONT, DBA and mapping mode.

GPON service configuration, we learn about the VLAN, GPON profiles, such as DBA profile, ont-lineprofile, ont-servicefile, ont- alarm profile, and traffic profile. Configuration flow of triple-play service for SFU in FTTH scenario, and SBU for FTTB/C/O scenarios.

Thank you for organizing this program and special thanks to the trainer for very interesting presentation
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Created Jul 26, 2018 13:11:23 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Posted by LucaD at 2018-07-26 12:58 [HCNA-Transmission]This training was very interesting, especially the WDM part!
The winner list publication -【Win HCNA Exam Vouchers】HCNA-Transmission and HCNA-Access Online Courses are Coming!-2707767-1
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Created Jul 26, 2018 13:44:39 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Thank you HUAWEI & LI YALI.!!!!!!

The content of the training was appropriate. All the queries and doubts are now resolved.
Request you to arrange more training for xdsl, access advance level, Troubleshooting, log analysis etc.
I have some product query
1. Is there any ont with POE Function
2. Any MxU with GE ports
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Created Jul 26, 2018 13:46:14 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


<It was a great learning experience & wonderful initiative by Huawei. I express my gratitude to entire Huawei team and the instructor who presented & explained every aspect of this course with in depth knowledge.>
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Created Jul 26, 2018 13:58:12 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Best remote training experience after long time.

I have attended all 3 days sessions and im sure everybody will agree Mr. Li is very good trainer.

I have following questions :
1. How does qinq work in gpon, who add which tag or where is it added like inner outer.
In Eth network we need 2 switches to do so.
Example user vlan is 10 inner vlan 2 and outer 2000 where will each tag add to the frame.
2. Do we have any command to che what is my portid allock id etc parameters assigned by olt automatically.
3. Did not see any ppt for distributed mode, all configuration and slies are in profile mode.
4. What is the limit of GEM per pon port is it 1k
5. If possible add Troubleshooting part in the training
6. Add optional parts like E1, Citd, gipo config Example
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Created Jul 26, 2018 18:19:42 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hi I can not take HCNA T courses because you were taking the course of HCNA A. The course that was given today is fine but I think that a more intense course is needed, that is to say with more days of preparation. I am interested in the Transmission and Access course notes to study. I liked that Li Yali, explained with drawings, we need a bit of images to represent what our speaker explained. Very good course, although I wanted to be there, I did not care just for learning more about Huawei. Thanks and greetings from MX.
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Created Jul 27, 2018 05:34:12 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

<HCNA - Access>
I love the last tutorial video it is quite technical but interesting. But i have to review all the topics of hcna -cess to make sure pass the exam.Thanks to our instructor Mr. Li Yali for the live video tutorial.

I can't wait to take the hcna -access exam. I hope I'm one of the lucky winner of the free voucher and I am really excited.

Thanks Huawei and team.

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