The VNC window cannot be opened after a user logs in to FusionCompute using Google Chrome. Highlighted

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[Fault type]: VNC

[Key words]: Google Chrome, VNC

[Applicable version]: All FusionCompute and FusionManager versions


When a user uses Google Chrome 45 or a later version to log in to FusionCompute, the VNC window is not displayed, indicating that Java has not been installed. However, Java has been installed.


1、  Google Chrome 45 and later versions do not support Java plug-ins. The following is a Google statement.

2、  In this case, you can use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome of an earlier version.

If you want to use Google Chrome, download the recommended google chrome 35 version.

3、  Disable the automatic update service to prevent Google Chrome from being automatically updated.

A、Enter service.msc in the Start menu.

B、 Find the Google update service and set it to the disabled state.


For other VNC problems, see.


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