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The Series of MySQL -2- MySQL Workbench - EP 02_01

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The Series of MySQL -2- MySQL Workbench - EP 02_01


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Today, I would like to share with you an article about the second episode of Series of MySQL (MySQL Workbench), and the content is given below.

a. MySQL Workbench environment deployment

b. MySQL Workbench Editions

c. MySQL Workbench Administration Tool

d. MySQL Workbench Manager (Create, Alter, Drop Delete)

e. MySQL Workbench Database Export and Import 


Basics of MySQL Workbench

For database architects, developers, and administrators, MySQL Workbench is a graphical user interface (GUI) or unified visual database design tool. Oracle is the corporation that built it and keeps it up to date. SQL programming, data ling, data migration, server configuration, user management, backup, and other administrative tools are all included. Create new physical data models, E-R diagrams, and SQL development with this Server Administration tool (run queries, etc.). All major operating systems are supported, including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The MySQL Workbench is compatible with MySQL Server version 5.6 and above.



The key features of MySQL Workbench:

The MySQL Workbench has five key features, which are listed below:


·        SQL Development:

This feature allows you to use the built-in SQL editor to run SQL queries, as wells as create and manage database connections.


·        Data Modelling (Design):

This feature allows you to develop graphic models of the Database Schema, do the reverse and forward engineering between a Schema and a live database, and change any parts of the database with the full table editor. The Table editor supports tables, columns, indexes, views, triggers, partitioning, and other features.


·        Server Administration:

        This feature allows you to manage MySQL Server instances by creating users, checking audit data,                 viewing database health, making backups and recoveries, and monitoring MySQL Server performance.


·        Data Migration:

        This feature allows you to move tables, objects, and data from Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Microsoft        Access, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, and other RDBMS to MySQL. It also allows you to          upgrade from older MySQL versions to newer versions.


·        MySQL Enterprise Supports:

        This feature enables you to use enterprise products like MySQL firewall, MySQL Enterprise Backup, and          MySQL Audit.


Editions of MySQL Workbench


There are three editions of MySQL Workbench, which are listed below:


    1. Community Edition (Open Source, GPL)                

    2. Standard Edition (Commercial)

    3. Enterprise Edition (Commercial)


1.    Community Edition


The Community Edition of the most popular database system is an open-source and freely available version. It was released under the GPL license and has a large developer community behind it.


2.    Standard Edition


It is the commercial edition that allows you to create high-performance, scalable Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. MySQL has become well-known for its industrial-strength, performance, and dependability.


3.    Enterprise Edition


It's the commercial edition, which comes with a number of sophisticated features, administration tools, and professional support to help you achieve the highest levels of scalability, security, dependability, and uptime. Furthermore, the risk, cost, and complexity of designing, deploying, and administering MySQL applications are reduced with this edition.




You are welcome to like and leave feedback in the comment area. 


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The Series of MySQL -2- MySQL Workbench - EP 02_02

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The Series of MySQL -2- MySQL Workbench - EP 02_03

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The Series of MySQL -2- MySQL Workbench - EP 02_04

M M Zaheer Hussain

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The Series of MySQL -2- MySQL Workbench - EP 02_01-4602637-1
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