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The Series of MySQL -1- Basic of MySQL - EP 01_02

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The Series of MySQL -1- Basic of MySQL - EP 01_02


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Hi Everyone,


Today, I would like to share with you an article about the first episode of Series of MySQL (Basic of MySQL), and the content is given below.


a.    Importance of MySQL

b.   Features of MySQL

c.    Pros & Cons of MySQL


a.    Importance of MySQL:

·       You don't have to pay anything to use MySQL because it's an open-source database.

·       MySQL is a very powerful application that can handle a wide range of database functions normally found only in the most expensive and powerful database solutions.

·       MySQL is adaptable because it is an open-source database, and the open-source GPL license allows programmers to customize the SQL software to their own needs.

·       MySQL is faster than other databases, thus it can handle big data sets with ease.

·       MySQL works with a variety of operating systems and languages, including PHP, PERL, C, C++, JAVA, and others.

·       MySQL makes use of a standard version of the widely used SQL data language.

·       MySQL works well with PHP, the most common web development language.

·       MySQL can handle huge databases with up to 50 million rows in a table. The default file size limit for a table is 4GB, however, you can expand it to a theoretical limit of 8 million gigabytes (assuming your operating system can handle it) (TB).


b.   Features of MySQL:


·       System for Managing Relational Databases (RDBMS)


MySQL is a database management system that uses a relational model. The SQL queries are used to retrieve and manage the table's records in this database language.


·       Simple to use


MySQL is a simple database to work with. We merely need to learn the fundamentals of SQL. Only a few simple SQL statements are required to build and interact with MySQL.


·       It is safe.


MySQL has a strong data security layer in place to keep sensitive data safe from hackers. In addition, MySQL encrypts passwords.


·       Architecture of Client/Server


A client/server architecture is followed by MySQL. A database server (MySQL) and an unlimited number of clients (application applications) communicate with the server, allowing them to query data, make changes, and so on.


·       Downloading is completely free.


MySQL is free to use, thus we can get it for free from the MySQL official website.


·       It's adaptable.


MySQL is scalable because it supports multi-threading. It can deal with virtually any quantity of data, up to 50 million rows or more. Approximately 4 GB is the default file size limit. However, we can theoretically boost this number to 8 TB of data.


·       Speed


MySQL is regarded as one of the fastest database languages, as evidenced by numerous benchmark tests.


·       High degree of adaptability


MySQL is particularly adaptable since it supports a huge range of embedded applications.


·       Many OS systems are supported.


MySQL can run on a variety of operating systems, including Novell NetWare, Windows* Linux*, UNIX* (including Sun* Solaris*, AIX, and DEC* UNIX), OS/2, FreeBSD*, and others. MySQL also allows the clients to run on the same computer as the server or on a separate machine (communication via a local network or the Internet).


·       Allows you to go back in time.


MySQL allows you to roll back, commit, and recover from a crash.


·       Efficiency of memory


Its efficiency is good due to the fact that memory leakage is minimal.


·       High-Efficiency


Because of its unique storage engine architecture, MySQL is faster, more reliable, and less expensive. It achieves exceptionally good performance results when compared to other databases without sacrificing any of the software's critical features. Because of the different cache memory, it features a quick loading utility.


·       Productivity is high.


Triggers, stored procedures, and views are all used in MySQL to help developers be more productive.


·       Platform-unaffected


It can be downloaded, installed, and run on the majority of operating systems.


·       Partitioning


This feature boosts performance and allows for quick handling of huge databases.


·       Support for Graphical User Interface


MySQL offers the "MySQL Workbench," a unified visual database graphical user interface tool for database architects, developers, and database administrators. MySQL Workbench includes SQL development, data modeling, data migration, and server configuration, user administration, backup, and other administration utilities. From MySQL Server version 5.6 and higher, the user interface is fully supported.


·       Support for two passwords


MySQL version 8.0 supports dual passwords: one is the current password, and the other is a backup password that we can use to switch to the new one.


c.    Drawback of MySQL:

·       ROLE, COMMIT, and stored procedures are not supported in MySQL versions lower than 5.0.

·       MySQL does not support very big database sizes as well as other databases.

·       MySQL is inefficient in handling transactions and is prone to data corruption.

·       In comparison to commercial databases, MySQL is accused of lacking a good development and debugging tool.

·       SQL check constraints are not supported by MySQL.

You are welcome to like and leave feedback in the comment area. 



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The Series of MySQL -1- Basic of MySQL - EP 01_01

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M M Zaheer Hussain

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Keep in touch, I will share more n more about MySQL  
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The Series of MySQL -1- Basic of MySQL - EP 01_02-4572247-1
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The Series of MySQL -1- Basic of MySQL - EP 01_02-4588503-1
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