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The Most Asked Questions about Huawei CloudEngine Series Switches

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This post talks about most asked questions about Huawei CloudEngine Series Switches.


What Is the Hash AlgorithmThis document describes the fundamentals of the hash algorithm and typical problems.
What Is a MicroburstThis document describes the definition, impact, detection method, and countermeasures of a microburst.
What Is SNMPSNMP is developed to simplify network management. SNMP is widely used on TCP/IP networks for network management.
What Is VXLANVXLAN is one of the Network Virtualization over Layer 3 (NVO3) technologies defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is essentially a tunneling technology.
What Is STPThis document describes what STP is, how STP is implemented, and how to configure STP.
What are Soft errorsThis document describes the principles, identification method, and countermeasures of soft errors.
What are CPU and CPU usageThis document describes the definition of CPU and CPU usage, how the CPU processes packets, and the impact of high CPU usage.
IP Routing BasisRouting is an activity that transmits information from a source address to a destination address through an interconnected network.
How to Troubleshoot ACL Resource InsufficiencyThis document describes the reasons of ACL resource insufficiency, services that use ACL resources, and solutions to ACL resource insufficiency.
What Can I Do If CPU Usage Is HighThis document describes the procedure for locating high CPU usage, the solution to high CPU usage, and the typical cases of high CPU usage.
How Can I Identify and Eliminate Layer 2 LoopsThis document discusses how to identify and eliminate Layer 2 loops.
Troubleshooting an Interface Error-Down Event

The Error-Down mechanism is a protection mechanism provided by CE series switches.

Troubleshooting an Interface Down EventThis document describes how to resolve the interface not UP issue.
Troubleshooting CRC Error Packets on an InterfaceThis document describes how to resolve the CRC error packets issue.
What Can I Do If Errors Occur During Log OutputThis document describes two common symptoms and troubleshooting procedures for log output failures.
How Can I Deploy Traffic Statistics CollectionTraffic statistics collection allows a device to collect packets entering and leaving the device by category.
How Can I Connect Servers to SwitchesThis chapter describes how to connect servers to switches.
How Can I Configure Observing Port Filter of Local Port Mirroring Function?
To prevent other services from conflicting with mirroring services, you are advertised not to configure other services on observing ports.

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MVE Created Jan 3, 2020 04:29:00

Thanks for sharing. It's very helpful
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Created Jan 3, 2020 14:19:08

Thanks for sharing!!
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