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When a data store is added, the disk added to FusionStorage is still displayed on FusionCompute.



[Component version]

FusionCompute 6.3.1


When a user adds a data store, the disk that has been added to FusionStorage is still displayed on the FusionCompute web client.

[Root cause]

Default configuration items exist in the /etc/vna-api/vna-storage.conf file. When DSware is connected, devices in slots 12 and 13 are marked as not used by FusionStorage. As a result, the two disks can still be discovered when a data store is added.


Log in to the host, modify the /etc/vna-api/vna-storage.conf configuration file, change 12,13 to a slot number that will not be used, for example, 1000, and scan for the storage device.

1. Add a data store and filter the storage device to discover two local disks. However, the customer reports that the two disks have been used by FusionStorage.

2. Check the drive letters of the two local hard disks. The result shows that the drive letters are sdd and sdf.



3. Log in to FusionStorage. The device has been added to the storage pool.

4. Check the disk scanning task on the host. The last time when storage devices are scanned on the MCNA01 node was 12:33:40 on March 14, 2019.


5. Check the host logs. During storage device scanning, sdd and sdf are identified as unused devices, and other disks are tagged, indicating that the disks are used by FusionStorage. The slot number corresponding to sdd is 13, and the slot number corresponding to sdf is 12.




6. Check the code. It is found that when check_disk_is_used_by_dsware is executed, configuration item DSWARE_RAID_DISKS in /etc/vna-api/vna-storage.conf is read, and the corresponding hard disk device is marked as not used by FusionStorage based on the slot number recorded in the configuration file. Then, check the system which is not interconnected with FusionStorage. The same configuration item exists. After confirmation, this configuration takes only the 12 disk slots of FusionStorage into consideration. This issue has been optimized in 6.5. 


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