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The development process of the domestic mobile phone can be divided into three p

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October 9, 2014, the international consulting firm Interbrand released 2014 global TOP 100 brand list, Huawei ranked 94. Interbrand Strategy Director Tom Achan said excitedly, "After 15 years of long wait, the first Chinese brand was finally listed Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking, we are proud and excited, and we must open champagne to cheer heartily for Huawei."

Indeed it is worthy of applause, because Huawei's listing ended the impression that Chinese international business --"big but not strong". It also marked the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. This step has a special significance for the domestic mobile phone.

The development process of the domestic mobile phone can be divided into three phases.

The first stage: no core technology.Some Mobile phone manufacturer like Bird, Kejian, Panda, Amoi are processing and imitating initially, and later cooperate with OEM and ODM vendors in Korea and Taiwan, although there were some achievements during 2003 and 2004, but did not grasp the core technology, most of this group of mobile phone manufacturers disappeared, and not to become an international brand.

The second phase: several Mobile phone manufacturers mastered certain techniques and began to customize phone for domestic and foreign carriers, have sales but no brand. These brands included ZTE, TCL, K-touch, Hisense etc.

The third stage, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers brand consciousness, in 2013. When other Chinese brands were finding methods to improve enterprise, Huawei did a awesome job. Huawei has branches or representative offices in 168 countries around the world, and constructed 16 institutes, 28 innovation centers and 45 products services center in the United States, Europe, Japan, India, Singapore and other regions. With Huawei's 65% revenues come from overseas, and linear growth stretched across Europe, Middle East and Africa, make Huawei rise rapidly and become the world's largest optical transport and telecommunications equipment suppliers. According to the data of Market research firm IDC, Huawei's global shipments of smart phone in the first half of 2014 amounted to 34.27 million units, with year-on-year growth of more than 62 percent. And with 6.9% market share, Huawei is currently the world's third largest smart phone manufacturer only after Samsung and Apple. Huawei's rise, also played an exemplary role for the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the branding and internationalization, provided a fresh practical reference and led a feasible way.
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Created Oct 24, 2014 07:01:36

HUAWEI is th third stage ^_^
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