The architecture of the 5G network

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Hello, everyone! Today I'd like to share with you the architecture of the 5G network.

Compared to LTE, the logic function of the control plane of the 5G core network is refined and separated into two logical nodes - AMF and SMF.


SMF - Session Management Function

The Session Management Function is related to the 3GPP 5G Architecture and is one of the main functions in the Next Generation Core. As such, it includes various functionality relating to subscriber sessions, e.g. session establishment, modify and release.

PCF - Policy Control Function

The Policy Control function is related to the 3GPP 5G Architecture. This function supports the unified policy framework that governs network behaviour. In so doing, it provides policy rules to control plane function(s) to enforce them. In order to facilitate this, the subscription information is gathered from the Unified Data Management function.

AF - Application Function

The AF is a logical element of the 3GPP PCC framework which provides session related information to the PCRF in support of PCC rule generation.

UDM - Unified Data Management

The Unified Data Management is related to the 3GPP 5G Architecture. This supports the ARPF (Authentication Credential Repository and Processing Function) and stores the long-term security credentials used in the authentication for AKA. In addition, it stores subscription information.

AMF - Core Access and Mobility Management Function

The Core Access and Mobility Management Function is part of the 3GPP 5G Architecture. Its primary tasks include: Registration Management, Connection Management, Reachability Management, Mobility Management and various other functions relating to security and access management and authorization.

AUSF - Authentication Server Function

The Authentication Server Function is part of the 3GPP 5G Architecture. It is used to facilitate the 5G security processes.

UE - User Equipment

UPF - User Plane Function

The User Plane Function is related to the 3GPP 5G Architecture. It is similar to the roles played by the Serving/Packet Gateway in a 4G LTE system. The UPF supports features and capabilities to facilitate user plane operation. Examples include: packet routing and forwarding, interconnection to the Data Network, policy enforcement and data buffering.

DN - Data Network

The Data Network is related to the 3GPP 5G Architecture. It identifies Service Provider services, Internet access or 3rd party services.

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5G architecture
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The architecture of the 5G network-3034739-1
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