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The AR1220 frame relay interface protocol field can't be UP state

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Issue Description

When migrating the frame relay interface of new router. The customer finds that the protocol field on the Frame relay interface won’t go into UP state.


Network topology:



transparent.gif Alarm Information

Jan 21 2015 00:44:22.516.1+00:00 EWBMK2RBANCNET FR/7/debug8: LMI: Serial2/0/0(down) DTE timeout

transparent.gif Handling Process

Firstly, double check the frame relay configuration,  such as LMI type , FR encapsulation , work mode and so on. I find all the parameter are correct.
And then, let the customer turn on the following debug to collect debug information:

< R2-AR1220-2>debugging fr  all

< R2-AR1220-2>terminal monitor

< R2-AR1220-2>terminal debugging

From the debug infomation, i find there are some timeout logs, as following:

Jan 21 2015 00:44:22.516.1+00:00 EWBMK2RBANCNET FR/7/debug8: LMI: Serial2/0/0(down) DTE timeout


So maybe the clock is mismatch between the AR1220 and the modem. and then, for farther confirmation, i check the interface information, as following:

[AR1220-Serial2/0/0]disp interface Serial 2/0/0

Serial2/0/0 current state : UP

Line protocol current state : DOWN

Description:HUAWEI, AR Series, Serial2/0/0 Interface

Route Port,The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500, Hold timer is 10(sec)

Internet Address is

Link layer protocol is FR IETF

  LMI DLCI is 0, LMI type is ANSI, frame relay DTE

  LMI status enquiry sent 79, LMI status received 0

  LMI status timeout 66, LMI message discarded 0

Last physical up time   : 2015-01-20 16:46

Last physical down time : 2015-01-20 16:46

Current system time: 2015-01-20 16:46

Physical layer is synchronous, Virtualbaudrate is 64000 bps

Interface is DTE, Cable type is V35, Clock mode is DTECLK1

Last 300 seconds input rate 0 bytes/sec 0 bits/sec 0 packets/sec

Last 300 seconds output rate 0 bytes/sec 0 bits/sec 0 packets/sec


Input: 0 packets, 0 bytes

  Broadcast:              0,  Multicast:              0

  Errors:              2582,  Runts:                  0

  Giants:                 0,  CRC:                    0


  Alignments:             5,  Overruns:               0

  Dribbles:               0,  Aborts:              2577                    //There are a lot of errors on the input packets

  No Buffers:             0,  Frame Error:            0


Output: 178 packets, 2846 bytes

  Total Error:            0,  Overruns:               0

  Collisions:             0,  Deferred:               0



    Input bandwidth utilization  :    0%

    Output bandwidth utilization : 0.05%


According to the above interface information, there are a lot of errors on the input direction. So the root cause almost is the clock is mismatched.


The solution is to configure the command “invert receive-clock” to invert the clock of the device. After confirmed this command, the problem is resolved.

transparent.gif Root Cause

The root cause  is the clock is mismatched.

transparent.gif Solution

The solution is to configure the command “invert receive-clock” to invert the clock of the device.

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MVE Created May 20, 2018 18:08:51

useful document, thanks
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Created May 24, 2018 15:16:40

Key troubleshooting. very useful !:)
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Created May 24, 2018 15:30:07

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