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You can win points for completing the following tasks. You can use these points to redeem prizes. Click here for details.

Task 1:

Post helpful information and accompanying screenshots regarding the kind of NE series documentation that can help readers to quickly understand the products and solutions.

 Reward terms:

Providing a helpful post and accompanying screenshot earns 10 points per device, up to 30 points. Providing only a screenshot or a post without any screenshots earns 5 points.


Task 2:

Provide information and suggestions regarding the four major NE router documentation series (the four are the NE Quest, Cornerstone, Video, and At-a-Glance series; if these are unknown to you, search the community for more information), such as your understanding of the usage scenarios and audience of each product documentation, or suggestions for how they could be improved.

Example: Hardware system multimedia, vivid and clear, appropriate for beginners, can help beginners to quickly understand relevant hardware basics. My suggestion is for Huawei to provide more multimedia covering installation and commissioning.

 Reward terms:

Providing one piece of information and feedback regarding documentation from any of the four major documentation series earns 10 points. Providing two such pieces of feedback earns 20 points, and providing three earns 35 points. In addition to the previously outlined points, the value of the feedback will be determined by experts and may be awarded an additional 1–5 points.


Task 3:  

Recommend beginner's guides (not lengthy in-depth ones, but briefer, quicker ones) you have experience with using made by other companies. Post your recommendations here or email them to zhoupengcheng@huawei.com.

Reward terms:

Successful and constructive feedback earns 20 points.


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Task 1: 

Provide feedback regarding NE series routers that you have used in your day-to-day work.

Reward terms: Providing feedback earns 5 bonuses. 

NE20E-S2E and NE40-X3

Huawei Versatile Routing Platform Software

VRP (R) software, Version 8.100 (NE20E V800R007C10SPC100)

Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

HUAWEI NE20E-S2E uptime is 75 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes 

Patch Version: V800R007SPH026


Task 2: 

Watch Introduction to the NE20E-S Series Hardware System (click the link) to find the answers to the following three questions regarding NE router hardware information, then take screenshots of where the answers are given in the video and post these screenshots in the comments below. 

1. What does the "S" in the NE20E-S series name represent? 

S = indicates no. of subcard slots provided

S2 = 2 Slots

S4 = 4 Slots

(The Activity is closed)【Documentation Research Center】NE Router Series Documentation Tasks-2301189-1

2. Which two models does the NE20E-S2 series have?



(The Activity is closed)【Documentation Research Center】NE Router Series Documentation Tasks-2301189-2

(The Activity is closed)【Documentation Research Center】NE Router Series Documentation Tasks-2301189-3

3. How much power do products in the NE20E-S2 series consume?

Reward terms: Finding and providing screenshots of the answers to one preceding question earns 10 bonuses; completing this process for two questions earns 20 bonuses; and completing this process for all three questions earns 35 bonuses. 

NE20E-S2E : 200W

NE20E-S2E : 300W

(The Activity is closed)【Documentation Research Center】NE Router Series Documentation Tasks-2301189-4

Task 3:  

Provide feedback that outlines your experience and recommendations regarding the multimedia documentation of NE series routers.

For example, does the multimedia documentation contain everything you want it to, or is there a complex configuration or operation that you would want the multimedia documentation to help you learn?


Reward terms: Providing helpful feedback for improving multimedia documentation earns 20 bonuses.

a) more board information to be added, currently only NE physical dimensions are more elaborated instead of board information.

b) deployment scenario, basic cofiguration need to be added for easy understanding

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Sorry,according to the rule, your answer is not correct. You got 5 bonuses. 


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