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Product Series NO. LINK
TP&VC Tele Class Issue No.1 Single-VPT300 Installation and Commissioning Guide Released 
Issue No.2 Dual-VPT300 Installation and Commissioning Guide Released
Tele Class·Simulator Issue No.1 Welcome to Use the TE10 and TE20 Configuration Simulator
Issue No.2 Welcome to Use the TE30, TE40, TE50, and TE60 Configuration Simulator
Issue No.3 Welcome to Use the Bar, Board and Box Configuration Simulator
Mr.T's Class on Conferencing·Video Tutorials Issue No.1 Take a Minute to Play Around with Videoconferencing Endpoints Issue Power on
Issue No.2 Take a Minute to Play Around with Videoconferencing Endpoints Issue Join a Conference using the Passcode
Issue No.3 Take a Minute to Play Around with Videoconferencing Endpoints Issue Quickly Create a P2P Video Conference
Issue No.4 Take a Minute to Play Around with Videoconferencing Endpoints Issue View a Specified Site or Presentation
Issue No.5 Take a Minute to Play Around with Videoconferencing Endpoints Issue No.5 Share Presentation
Issue No.6 Take a Minute to Play Around with Videoconferencing Endpoints Issue No.6 Extend a Conference
Tele Tony Series Issue No.1 Ports on the TE40 Rear Panel 
Issue No.3 TE40 Cable Connection 
Issue No.4 Solving Failure to Display Local Video 
Issue No.5 Resolving Audio Output Failure of a TEX0 in a Conference 
Issue No.6 Control the VPC6X0 Using the TE40 
Issue No.7 Ports on the TE50 Rear Panel 
Issue No.8 TE50 Cable Connection
Issue No.9 Ports on the TE60 Rear Panel 
Issue No.10 TE60 Cable Connection 
Issue No.11 Rectifying Inverted Images Delivered by a VPC620 or VPC600
Issue No.12 Ports on the TX50 Rear Panel
Issue No.13 TX50 Cable Connection
Telepresence Class·VC5.2 Documentation Release Notification Issue No.1 Videoconferencing Product Default Setting List
Issue No.2 Tool Helps Improve Efficiency 
Issue No.3 Typical Networking for Efficient Configuration
Issue No.4 Fast Site Deployment Using Quick Series Guides

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thank you
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useful document, thanks
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very useful thanks for sharing
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very useful for me.i learn more this doc.Keep it up Team.
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Please add the add the QR code in this topic.
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thanks for sharing
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good reference :)
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This is a very useful post. Already bookmarked. Thanks for sharing!!:)
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