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1. Which of the following statements about SmartQoS is correct?

A. SmartQoS helps set upper limits on IOPS or bandwidth for certain applications.

B. I/O priority scheduling is based on LUN priority, or more specifically, the importance of applications processed by each LUN.

C. When resources are insufficient, SmartQoS ensures that services are not affected.

D. SmartQos function ensures the storage systems give priority to resource allocation requests initiated by high-priority applications.

Answer: ABD


2. Which of the following statements about the server account and password are correct?

A. The default BIOS password of 2288H v5 is Huawei12#$.

B. The default iBMC password of RH2288 V3 is Admin@9000.

C. The default iBMC account of 1288H V5 is root.

D. The defalut BIOS password of RH2288H V3 is Huawei12#$

Answer: D



1. Which of the following bandwidths can LTE support?  

A 1MHz

B 3MHz

C 5MHz

D 10MHz

E 15MHz

F 20MHz

Answer: BCDEF



1. Q:How can I reset the C/S admin password of version V1R3?

A :su postgres -c "/home/postgres/bin/psql -p 6000 -d smu -c \"update tbl_smu_user_info set login_password='e687fed485a4b510722695f7d38d6b524532af5196bd70363019a52bfc0f8af3',first_login='0', salt='' where login_name='admin';\""


B su - postgres -c "/home/postgres/bin/psql -p 6000 -d smu -c \"update tbl_smu_user_info set login_password='354120804238ac57a761e537388958e89e357701564370d91512a7c0de53f07f',first_login='0', salt='' where login_name='admin';\""


C: su - postgres -c "/home/postgres/bin/psql -p 6000 -d omu -c \"update tbl_omu_unified_configurations set cfg_value='20' where cfg_name='MaxLoginSession'\"" su - postgres -c "/home/postgres/bin/psql -p 6000 -d omu -c \"update tbl_omu_user_info set lock_status=0, passwd_wrong_count=0, first_flg=0, last_modify_time='1517323095', PASSWD='fc5578f20cc26f334a0399d4352a794bd1caac3afc87f1faedcae3ca5c01c5fd', SALT='8EO6m2LxacWubqw4' where user_name='admin'\""


D: su postgres -c "/home/postgres/bin/psql -p 6000 -d smu -c \"updatetbl_smu_user_info set PWD_MODIFY_DATE=21190329025539 where LOGIN_NAME='Admin';\""



Cloud core network】


1. Q: How long are the HDMI and COM port cables of BOX?

A: 2, 3

B: 3, 3

C: 3, 2

D: 2, 2



2. Which license control item should be chosen when the CloudLink 7920 IP Phone is managed by eSight V3R9C00SPC200? (seventh – 07)

A: eSight UC/IPT/CC/ICP Management License (IP Phone)

B: eSight VC/TP Management License (Terminal)

C: eSight UC/CC/IPT Management License (IP Phone)

D: eSight DP/TP Management License (Terminal)




1. Will the MTU prevent the OSPF adjacency relationship establishing?

A. MTU mismatch only affect the OSPF neighbor relationship establishing.

B. No matter the MTU mismatch or not, the OSPF adjacency relationship could establish successfully.

C. MTU mismatch will block the OSPF peers from adjacency relationship establishing.

D. OSPF doesn’t check the interface MTU at all.

Answer: C


2. Which of the following descriptions about the BGP route iteration is NOT true?

A. Route iteration includes two parts, iterating next-hop to an interface and iterating next-hop to a tunnel.

B. To iterate next-hop to an interface successful, the IGP routes to the next-hop is required, and to iterate next-hop to the tunnel, LSP to the next-hop is required.

C. In the VPNv4 routing table, the next hop and outbound interface is required to be iterated.

D. Iterating to a tunnel is NOT required in the VPN instance routing table.

Answer D


3. Which of the following description about the STP/RSTP protocol is true?

A. In STP, the TCN will spread spontaneously, no need to send to the root bridge.

B. In STP, no TCA will send when receiving the TCN BPDU.

C. In RSTP, the TCN will spread spontaneously, no need to send to the root bridge.

D. P/A mechanism can run on the non-P2P link.

Answer: C


Network IP】  

1. Why should one be using SD-WAN?

A. Enhanced security - cloud and broadband internet equally benefit from secured traffic passing through them.

B. Easier overall management - management dashboard becomes user-friendly by being centralized in the cloud.

C. Improved user experience - Quality of Experience becomes the norm.

D. State of the art cloud connectivity - WAN can flawlessly extend to multiple clouds.

Answer: All of above.


2. Which of the following sub-solutions does the CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution integrate?  

A. Data Center Network (DCN);

B. AI Fabric Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network;

C. Cloud Data Center Interconnect (DCI);

D. Cloud Data Center Security.

Answer: All of above.



1. how many osn 9800 u32 can be in master-slave?

A. 9

B. No more than 8.

C. 10

D. No more than 7

Answer: B



1. In the profile mode, where can I configure the T-CONT and GEM port on the MA5680T? (tenth – 10th)





Answer: B


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Cool! How many questions did you solve?  
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Just 3/10 I think ;)

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