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1、With the help of Service Tool or ISM management software, you can collect memory system information.

2、You can use Service Tool or AnalyzeLogTool analyzes the memory system diary. The Service Tool diary analysis capability, cannot realize the diary automated analysis, is suitable for needs through the manual search key words the status situation.

AnalyzeLogTool is suitable for needing the situation of automated analysis.

Service Tool supports the deployment of T series storage V1R5, to inspect, the collection of information , to promote, the disposition demonstration and diary analysis duty.

Huawei storage producs--Installing the Service Tool on a maintenance terminal for T Series Storage System


Then we will introduce 2 kinds of ways to collect system information and 2 ways to analysis Diary of storage system.

Method one: Uses Service Tool to collect memory system information

After click Information Collection, disposes under dialog box:


Method two: Uses the ISM management software collection memory system information

Using ISM may derive the memory system performance data, the system log and breakdown information, the event information and so on, the detailed description may see also Quick Maintenance Guide


Method one: Uses Service Tool to analyze memory system diary

Service Tool supports the ISM software diary collection result and collection of information tool collection result analyzes, and proposed the question solution.

In figure above, if has not installed the diary analysis tool, please the first spot install the button to install; After installing the successful, following chart:

Click diary analysis tool, the choice device model and inducts the diary package.

Method two: Uses the AnalyzeLogTool diary to analyze the tool analysis memory system diary

Downloads the AnalyzeLogTool diary analysis tool, after downloading, runs Start.exe, the choice device model and inducts the diary package.


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