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【Switch & Enterprise Communications Products】Hot Case Issue (Sep. 2015) Highlighted

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Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce you to switch & enterprise communications products hot case issue.


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Hot Cases in  Sep.



Case Name

Case Description

AR series Routers

Users Fail to Access the Server Through the IPSec Tunnel Because the TCP MSS Value on the AR Is Incorrect

A user in an office uses multiple PCs to access the weblogic server. Only one PC can connect to the weblogic server sometimes, and a blank page is displayed when other PCs access the weblogic server.

AR series Routers

Route Flapping Occurs Due to Route Import

When links work normally, route flapping occurs on the network where static route, OSPF, and IS-IS run simultaneously. Checks on the routing table indicate that some routes intermittently disappear in the routing table.


S series Switchs

A Large Number of TC Packets Received on an S6700 Switch Causes High CPU Usage and Protocol Flapping

When an S6700 switch receives a large number of TC packets, it frequently updates MAC and ARP entries. The CPU of the switch needs to process a large number of ARP request and ARP-Miss packets, so the CPU usage becomes high. In addition, the processing of other protocol packets is affected, causing flapping of those protocols.



After SSL VPN Is Configured on the USG6620, Windows XP SP3 Can Access the Virtual Gateway Web Page But SP2 Cannot

After SSL VPN Is Configured on the USG6620, Windows XP SP3 Can Access the Virtual Gateway Web Page But SP2 Cannot.



Case Summary in Sep.



Case Name

Case Description

AR series Routers

Firewall Packet Filtering Configuration Does Not Take Effect Due to Incorrect ACL Configuration on the AR

The firewall packet filtering policy on the AR does not take effect due to incorrect ACL parameter configuration.

AR series Routers

Why a Broadcast Address Can Be Pinged

Normally, the broadcast address cannot be pinged. In this case, however, ping to a broadcast address succeeds.

AR series Routers

A Tracert Error Occurs When the AR Router Discards the ICMP Packets with the TTL Value of 1 By Default

By default, the AR router discards the ICMP packets with the TTL value of 1. Tracert packets are ICMP packets with the TTL value of 1. Therefore, when a tracert packet reaches the AR router, the AR router discards the tracert packet and does not respond. As a result, a tracert error occurs.

AR series Routers

Redirection to the Service Router Fails After Login to the Console Server Through Telnet

When an AR router equipped withthe 8AS interface card functions as the Console server, the AR router fails to redirect users to the service router after users log in to the Console server through Telnet.

S series Switchs

Link Aggregation Cannot Be Implemented Between an S5700 and a Non-Huawei Device

An S5700 switch is connected to a Cisco Catalyst 3560 switch through bundled links. The S5700 uses the standard Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) defined by IEEE to implement link aggregation, whereas the Cisco switch supports both LACP and Cisco proprietary Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP). If the Cisco switch uses the PAgP protocol, link aggregation cannot be implemented between the two switches.


NAT Server Service Is Unavailable After a USG2220 Replaces a Juniper Firewall

NAT Server Service Is Unavailable After a USG2220 Replaces a Juniper Firewall.


An NE with Multiple Network Adapters Fails to Be Added to eSight

An NE fails to be added to eSight because it has multiple network adapters.


Split-Brain Occurs on the VMU Two-Node Cluster

When either node encounters a power outage or heartbeat cable disconnection, the distributed replicated block device (DRBD) communication in the two-node cluster is disabled, which results in DRBD split brain. When this occurs, data consistency between the two nodes cannot be maintained.

If you have any problems, please post them in our Community. We are happy to solve them for you!

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Hot Case Issue
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