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SVF Introduction

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SVF Introduction

In the traditional access layer networking used in data centers, servers connect to the network through a large number of fixed switches, as shown in below. As the network size expands, increasing network devices are deployed. Network management becomes an important issue in data center infrastructure management.



Super virtual fabric (SVF) is a vertical virtualization technology that virtualizes access and aggregation switches into one device to simplify network configuration and management, as shown below:



Compared with traditional access layer networking, SVF networking has the following advantages:

  • Lower network construction costs: Low-cost switches are used as access switches, so network construction costs are reduced.

  • Simpler configuration and management: SVF virtualizes multiple devices into one, reducing the number of nodes to manage. You do not need to deploy complex loop prevention protocols, simplifying network configuration and management.

  • Higher scalability and more flexible deployment: When more access ports are required on the network, you only need to add low-cost fixed switches to the network. Moreover, these low-cost switches are deployed near servers, making network deployment more flexible.


SVF Concepts


  • Parent/Leaf switch

    Devices in an SVF system play either of the following roles:

  • Parent switch: controls and manages the entire SVF system.

  • Leaf switch: an extended device that acts as a remote device to connect to the parent switch and servers.

Leaf ID

A leaf ID is the identifier of a leaf switch. Leaf IDs are used to identify and manage leaf switches in an SVF system. Each leaf switch has a unique leaf ID.

Fabric port

A fabric port is a logical port that connects a parent switch and a leaf switch. One or more member ports can be added to a fabric port.


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Created Nov 22, 2018 00:35:53

Useful information, thanks for sharing!
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Created Nov 22, 2018 03:16:07

Really interesting, before this I just had a little idea, but now its more clear. Thanks.
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Created Nov 24, 2018 02:05:28

hi author , about S2700 device , can we configured it as L3 device ? i countered an issue , if i configured some vlanif interface , my network will be import some high latency delay , it effect my whole network . if you have some known experience , please help me solve my issue . thanks for your sharing and help .
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Created Nov 27, 2018 06:30:07

In the traditional campus network, access layer devices have the following characteristics: the number of devices is large and the location is widely distributed. Simple business and high degree of configuration similarity. The trend of integration of wired access and wireless access is obvious.
The above characteristics make the management and configuration of access layer equipment in campus network more complex and cumbersome. Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) technology can effectively simplify the management and configuration of access layer devices.
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