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Huawei iMana is used for out-of-band management of the RH1288, RH2265(H), RH2268(H), RH2285(H), RH2288(H), RH2485, RH5885 V2, RH5885(H) V3, E6000, X6000, and X8000 servers. For details about how to use iMana, see the following document:

Server iMana 200 User Guide 

RH5885 V2 Server iMana Web Alarm Reference

iBMC Communication Matrix


Huawei iBMC is used for out-of-band management of the V3 server, such as RH1288 V3, X6800 etc. For details about how to use iMana, see the following document:

RH1288 V3&RH2288 V3&RH2288H V3 Server iBMC User Guide

Rack Server Communication Matrix (iBMC) 

X6800 iBMC User Guide


The E9000 compute nodes use iMana for management, which is slightly different from iMana used by other servers. For details about the operations in the E9000 iMana, click the following links:

E9000 iMana Command Reference (V2)

E9000 iBMC User Guide (V3)

E9000 Communication Matrix


Note: iMana, iBMC, and BMC indicate the in-band management module of the server.


The WPCM450 BMC is used for out-of-band management of the RH2488 server. For details about how to use the WPCM450 BMC, see the following document:

RH2488 V2 Server V100R002C02 BMC User Guide


Overview of the Management Software (iMana Only)

The integrated management module (hereinafter referred to as the iMana) is a control unit used to manage servers, and it complies with the management specification Intelligent Platform Management Interface 2.0 (IPMI2.0) of the server field.

The iMana provides the following functions:

  • Remote control

    The iMana controls the servers through the keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM), serial over LAN (SOL), and virtual media functions.

    [Summary] Server Out-of-Band Management Module Documentation-1337609-2 NOTE:
    • The SOL function is implemented through the IPMItool.

    • The SOL function is applied to the Linux operating system (OS) only.

  • Alarm management

    The iMana receives and handles the alarms reported by the field replacement units (FRUs).

  • Status monitoring

    The iMana monitors the operating status of the FRUs.

  • Device information management

    The iMana provides the function of querying the information about the device version, model, and asset information.

  • IPMItool for device management

    The iMana supports the commands released by the IPMItool. You can download the IPMItool at http://ipmitool.sourceforge.net/manpage.html

  • Support of management through the Web interface

    The iMana provides a user-friendly and simple Web interface for ease of management. On the Web interface, you can perform setting and querying tasks quickly.

  • Centralized account management

    The iMana stores all accounts on the Active Directory server in a centralized manner and directs the authentication to the server. In this way, you can log in to the management system using a domain account.


Common Functions of the iMana Web Interface

In the navigation tree, choose Overview. The Overview interface appears.

The page displays the system information, including the system status, common operations, iMana information, system configurations, and active alarm information.  

Note: For more information, see the product documents of a server.
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