【Summary】Huawei T Series Storage Product 【O&M Monitoring - Health check】Summary Highlighted

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【Quick Maintenance

The Quick Maintenance Guide is designed to help you quickly understand how to maintain and troubleshoot the S5000T with 15 illustrated pages. 

(HOTT Series V1R5 Quick Maintenance Guide (SAN Volume)

(HOTT Series V2R1 Quick Maintenance Guide

(HOTT Series V2R2C00 Quick Maintenance Guide 


【Basic operation maintenance】

Basic operation maintenance includes the following items: power-on and power-off tasks, checking the running environment of a system (such as an equipment room and rack internal environment), checking the status of each indicator (on a controller enclosure and disk enclosure), checking the operating status of a system (on a controller enclosure, disk enclosure, and FRUs), checking the operating status of services (such as LUNs, RAID, thin pools, snapshots, and remote replications), and collecting information.

You can use the GUI and CLI to complete the preceding maintenance tasks. It is recommended that you choose the GUI on the ISM. If you choose to use the CLI, see the following documents:

【Summary】Huawei T Series Storage Product 【Project Delivery - Configuration and Optimization】Summary

The following are guides for introducing the GUI:

(HOTT Series V1R5 Maintenance Guide(SAN Volume)

 T Series V1R5 Maintenance Guide(NAS Volume)

 T Series V2R1 Maintenance Guide

 T Series V2R2C00 Maintenance Guide (SAN Volume)

 T Series V2R2C00 Maintenance Guide(NAS Volume)


The InfraControl is a network management system designed for enterprise data centers. Huawei develops the InfraControl to centrally manage storage resources in an storage network environment. The InfraControl can help users implement centralized operation and maintenance (O&M) and analysis optimization of the IT infrastructure.

Installation and use method of the Huawei‘s InfraControl NMS  



Storage system

  • Storage arrays
    • Huawei's all series of disk storage arrays such as the S5500T/5600T/5800T/6800T
    • SMI-S 1.4 EMC CX3 standard heterogeneous storage arrays such as EMC CX3
  • VIS6000 virtual intelligent storage system

  • N8000 clustered NAS storage system

  • VTL6900 virtual tape library


  • S5300/S5600 series and SNS2120
  • Brocade Fibre Channel switch: silkworm 7500E


  • SUSE host running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2
  • Red Hat host running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
  • Microsoft host running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2


  • Microsoft: SQL Server 2005 Enterprise SP2 and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise SP3
  • Oracle: Oracle10g Database 10.2 and Oracle11g Database 11.1

Virtualization server

VMware: ESX Server 4.1/5.0



You can use the maintainer of Service Tool to view the information about all storage system configurations.

(HOT) Huawei storage producs--Installing the Service Tool on a maintenance terminal for T Series Storage System(for TV1) 

(HOT) Maintainer for T Series Storage System (for TV1)

 (HOT)  Troubleshooting (for TV2)

 (HOT)  OceanStor Toolkit (for TV2)



Inspection is one of the necessary ways to protect the health of the storage system, Service Tool supports T Series V1R5 of the inspection tasks, using Service Tool can greatly improve inspection efficiency.

(HOTHuawei storage producs--Installing the Service Tool on a maintenance terminal for T Series Storage System 


【Collecting Information

Information collection is a common operation used in routine maintenance and inspection. Effective information collection is able to identify potential problems and accurately locate problems.

It is recommended that you use the Service Tool to collect information or use the ISM to collection storage system information such as the information about running data, system logs, faults, and events.

You can use the Service Tool or AnalyzeLogTool to analyze storage system logs.

Comparatively, the Service Tool does not provide automatic analysis but the AnalyzeLogTool does.

【for TV1R5】

(HOTT series storage system information collection and analysis

(HOTThe AnalyzeLogTool

(HOTCollecting switch logs  


【for TV2R2】

(HOTLog collection and analysis

(HOTHigh-risk commands and operationscollection


[Introducing Event Information]

Through the event information on the ISM/DeviceManager page, you need to learn about events in terms of event definition, levels, impact on the system, possible causes, handling procedure, and reference information.

(HOTT Series V1R5 Event Reference (SAN Volume)

T Series V1R5 Event Reference (NAS Volume)

T Series V2R2C00 Event Reference

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