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Today, I am very happy to share with you the Huawei storage features. It is described in detail in the following table:

Feature Name

Feature Introduction

Detailed link address

Snapshot Feature

A snapshot is a consistent copy of the source data at a point in time, a fully available copy of the specified data set containing a static image of the source data at the point in time of the copy. After the snapshot is generated, it can be read by the host or as a data backup at a certain point in time.

Snapshot Feature Link

Remote Replication Feature

Remote replication is the core technology of disaster recovery backup, enabling remote data synchronization and disaster recovery.

Remote Replication Feature Link

Clone Feature

Cloning is a kind of snapshot technology. It is a complete copy of the source data at a certain point in time. It is an incrementally synchronized backup method.

Clone Feature Link

LUN Copy Feature

A LUN copy is a data copy technology that allows data to be transferred quickly within a device or between devices. The LUN copy completely copies all the data and needs to suspend the services of the LUN.

LUN Copy Feature Link

SmartTier Feature

SmartTier provides intelligent data storage management. SmartTier migrates busy data with high performance to storage media with higher performance (such as SSD hard disk) through data migration, and migrates idle data with low activity to higher capacity and more. Low-capacity storage media (such as NL-SAS hard drives)

SmartTier Feature Link

SmartQoS Feature

The SmartQoS feature, also known as the intelligent service quality control feature, can meet the specific performance goals of certain applications by dynamically allocating resources of the storage system.

SmartQoS Feature Link

SmartPartition Feature

The SmartPartition feature is a smart partitioning technology designed by Huawei storage systems to meet the challenges of storage quality under the storage convergence trend. The SmartPartition feature configures different sizes of cache partitions for different levels of users. The system will guarantee the cache capacity occupied by the partitions, thus ensuring the service performance of the service applications located in the partitions.

SmartPartition Feature Link

SmartVirtualization Feature

SmartVirtualization enables a local storage system connected to a third-party storage system to use storage resources provided by that third-party storage system as local storage resources. SmartVirtualization makes the hardware and software architecture differences between storage systems invisible

SmartVirtualization Feature Link

SmartMigration Feature

SmartMigration is a key technology for business migration. It can realize the migration of business data between storage systems and storage systems, and supports online.

SmartMigration Feature Link

SmartMulti-Tenant Feature

Multi-tenant technology is a software architecture technology that allows multiple tenants to share a computing environment and ensure data isolation between tenants.

SmartMulti-Tenant Feature Link

HyperMirror Feature

Volume mirroring is a data persistence protection technology that creates two mirrored physical copies of a LUN, providing continuous redundant backup protection for the LUN without any impact on the host side.

HyperMirror Feature Link

SmartCache Feature

SmartCache is an intelligent caching technology that uses SSDs as cache resources.

SmartCache Feature Link

This is the specific content I want to share with you today. I hope everyone will like it, thank you for your browsing. t_0023.gift_0023.gif

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It is useful to know the features of storage
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Detailed storage featuresSummarize the storage features-3029979-1
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great job
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Summarize the storage features-3095330-1
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