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Storm control S series switches

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Hello community
How can I configure storm control on S series switches?

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Understanding Storm Control

Storm control prevents broadcast storms caused by broadcast packets, unknown multicast packets, and unknown unicast packets. It is configured in the interface view to limit the number of packets per second.

In a detection interval, a switch with storm control configured monitors the average rates of incoming packets on an interface and compares the average rates with the thresholds. When the rate of a particular type of packets exceeds the threshold allowed for these packets, the switch takes a storm control action on the interface.

Storm control actions include block and shutdown. An interface that is blocked or shut down can be recovered in the following ways:

  • When the average rates of incoming packets on a blocked interface fall below the lower thresholds, the interface is unblocked to forward packets.

  • If the action is shutdown, manually unblock the interface or enable the interface to automatically recover to the Up state.

icon-note.gif NOTE:

When detecting unicast packets, a switch does not distinguish unknown unicast packets from known unicast packets. The packet rate detected is the sum of the rates of unknown and known unicast packets. When the storm control action is block, the switch blocks only the unknown unicast packets. This rule also applies to multicast packets.

Application Scenarios for Storm Control

Figure 1 Networking diagram of storm control

As shown in Figure 1, Switch A is connected to a Layer 2 network and a router. To limit the rates of broadcast packets, unknown multicast packets, and unknown unicast packets forwarded by the Layer 2 network, configure storm control on the Layer 2 Ethernet interface GE0/0/1 of Switch A.

You may refer to this link: Suppression and Storm Control Configuration&docid=EDOC1000177841

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