source timer-records

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display source timer-records


Using the display source timer-records command, you can view the operating records of the utask module timer.


display source timer-records utask-id


utask-idSpecifies the ID of the utask module task.The value is an integer ranging from 0 to 81. The value 0 indicates all tasks.


Diagnostic view

Default Level

3: Management level

Usage Guidelines

The display source timer-records command displays the operating records of the utask module timer, helping locate problems. After the utask-id parameter is specified, the command displays the operating records of a specified task timer.

Before querying the operating records of the utask module timer from a time point, run the reset source timer-recordscommand to clear the operating records of the utask module timer.


# Display the operating records of the utask task timer.

<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] diagnose
[HUAWEI-diagnose] display source timer-records 0
TID-TaskID; Pri-Priority; TEC-TotalExecCnt;
TTU-TotalTimeUsed; MTO-MaxTimeOnce;
TTD-TotalTimeDelayed; MTDO-MaxTimeDelayedOnce

Total Count: 6
TID    TaskName  TimerName            Pri     TEC        TTU        MTO        TTD        MTDO
0xa    RIPNG     R6-AgeTimer          NORMAL  0x830      0x0        0x0        0x18fac    0x277
0xa    RIPNG     R6-FlashTimer        NORMAL  0x0        0x0        0x0        0x0        0x0
0xa    RIPNG     R6-GarbageTimer      NORMAL  0xc48      0x0        0x0        0x1ab0d    0x3ef
0xa    RIPNG     R6-ADVGarbageTimer   NORMAL  0x0        0x0        0x0        0x0        0x0
0xa    RIPNG     R6-StatsTimer        NORMAL  0x1890     0x0        0x0        0x20228    0x3f8
0x2f   STP       STPTIMEWL            HIGH    0x1ca2c9   0x3139c    0x170      0x3109c7   0x55d
Table 1-12  Description of the display source timer-records command output




Task ID


Task name


Timer name


Timer priority


Accumulated number of execution times


Accumulated execution time


Maximum execution time


Accumulated delay


Maximum delay

  • x
  • convention:


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