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SAP System Services on Huawei Cloud

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By using SAP services on HUAWEI CLOUD, you can take advantage of the company's safe, dependable, and high-performance infrastructure, as well as its robust EI, big data, and lifecycle management capabilities. This enables businesses to overcome the drawbacks of legacy ERP systems, simplify enterprise administration, cut costs, optimize operations, and accelerate digital transformation.

SAP key services can be deployed on the HUAWEI CLOUD and managed automatically. The solution also takes advantage of Huawei's leading computing, network, storage, and security services to assist enterprises in achieving digital transformation, optimizing operations, and maximizing investment. 


The following are the services that Hauwei cloud offers for a sap system

·         Computing

·         Network

·         Security

·         storage

·         Management  and Deployment


The computing services that are needed for an ERP system to be implemented are,


It is a computing server made up of CPUs, RAM, pictures and an EVS drive that is used for scientific computing. After you have created an ECS, you can use it in the same way that you would a local PC or physical server


A BMS is a user-only server. Outstanding computing performance and stability for critical applications. The internal network allows BMSs and ECSs to communicate, allowing hybrid deployment to adapt to changing service scenarios.


IMS provides self-service image management tools that are simple to use. For further information, read Product Introduction for Bare Metal Servers.

The Storage services offered are,


Cloud servers can use EVS for scalable block storage. EVS discs are ideal for distributed file systems, development and test environments, data warehouse applications, and high-performance computing (HPC).


VBS backs up EVS disks and restores them from backups, ensuring user data accuracy and security.


SFS enables scalable high-performance file storage. Shared via numerous cloud servers. SFS uses the SMB file access protocol. So users may easily link their applications and tools with SFS. SFS also offers great stability and availability and allows file system performance to scale with capacity.


Unified object storage (OBS). It offers large, secure, and cost-effective data storage.


CSBS provides backup protection for ECS and BMS servers (ECSs and BMSs are referred to as servers in the following content). It uses a disk-based consistent snapshot technique. With CSBS, you may recover server data from backup.

The network services offered include VPC, Direct connect, and VPN


VPC creates virtual networks identical to regular networks. In a VPC, you can set up security groups, VPNs, and IP address segments. You can also modify a security group's cloud server access rules to improve cloud server security. Cloud application migration is made easier by connecting VPCs over VPN.

Direct Connect 

Direct Connect enables you to create a dedicated network between your local data center and the public cloud. With Direct Connect, you may connect the cloud to your data center, office, or collocation environment. Direct Connect can reduce network latency and improve the network experience for your customers.


The VPN creates a secure, encrypted communication tunnel between the VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD and your local data center, allowing you to access VPC resources directly

In a VPC, cloud servers can't talk to each other. Use a VPN to connect them.

The security services include


When the system detects a DDoS attack, it notifies the user of defending against the attack. 


WAF detects and protects website service traffic in multiple dimensions. It intelligently identifies malicious request characteristics and defends against unknown threats based on deep machine learning to prevent common attacks such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

Diverse and integral Management and Deployment Services include,


EPS provides a one-stop management platform for SAP customers to manage resources and applications, facilitate O&M, and monitor services. You can provision SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA using preset or customized templates, or manage existing SAP applications. During routine maintenance, you can back up and restore applications to ensure data reliability.

Cloud Eye

Cloud Eye is a resource monitoring platform for cloud servers and bandwidth. With Cloud Eye, you can monitor resource use and service status, receive alerts, and respond to changes quickly to keep your services running smoothly. Cloud Eye automatically monitors a newly built cloud server. Nothing needs to be done manually or installed.


IAM manages identity and authorization. With IAM, you can manage user accounts (workers, systems, and apps) and their access to cloud resources.


All the above services cover all the requirements for a Cloud system and Huawei Cloud has almost covered all aspects to keep the sap on the cloud which is secure reliable and robust.

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MahMush Created Apr 12, 2022 07:06:55 (0) (0)
hope you learned something new ...  
MVE Author Created Apr 12, 2022 07:09:02

Useful Info
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thanks for your valuable time to review it  
MVE Created Apr 12, 2022 07:16:09

Useful content
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glad to hear it  
Created Apr 12, 2022 08:02:58

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MahMush Created Apr 13, 2022 05:31:38 (0) (0)
thankyou dear always give energy from your appreciation  
Created Apr 12, 2022 08:25:31

Nice work but my advice, make subheads (EVS,EPS,Cloud Eye ...) bold SAP System Services on Huawei Cloud-4848669-1
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MahMush Created Apr 12, 2022 09:43:01 (0) (0)
Thanks for the suggestions will take care next time  
Author Created Apr 12, 2022 08:29:20

Good to read about these services.
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MahMush Created Apr 13, 2022 05:50:58 (0) (0)
glad to know it  
Author Created Apr 12, 2022 08:30:28

Huawei SAP on Cloud solution provides automatic provisioning of laaS resources and infrastructure management services, including O&M and monitoring for hardware, virtualization, and network. Customers manage the operating system and all SAP applications and databases running on the operating system.
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MahMush Created Apr 13, 2022 05:54:01 (0) (0)
thankyou dear for giving further info on it..learing we grow  
MahMush Created Apr 23, 2022 09:41:23 (0) (0)
Huawei has diverse range of services in various areas... It's amazing to explore  
Created Apr 12, 2022 08:36:28

Nice work, thanks for share :)
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MahMush Created Apr 13, 2022 05:51:22 (0) (0)
thankyou for your time for review it  
Created Apr 12, 2022 09:59:54

Very nice
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