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For a long time I get tired of why in Gigabit interface once in a while transmission is switched off but the interface is still up.

I don't know where to find the reason.

to restore the transmission i must turn off port and for a 5 sec pick up from the console

On that Huawei s5700 i have transmission to other points and there's nothing happening like that

On the ends switches are linked to a DCN or D-Link DES or Cisco 3500XL

[s5700]display interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/3
GigabitEthernet0/0/3 current state : UP
Line protocol current state : UP
Switch Port, PVID :    1, TPID : 8100(Hex), The Maximum Frame Length is 1600
IP Sending Frames' Format is PKTFMT_ETHNT_2, Hardware address is 1047-802e-e04f
Current system time: 2013-10-10 05:47+02:00
Speed : 1000,   Loopback: NONE
Duplex: FULL,   Negotiation: ENABLE
Flow-control: DISABLE
Last 300 seconds input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
Last 300 seconds output rate 328 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
Input peak rate 25234704 bits/sec, Record time: 2013-10-10 05:47
Output peak rate 167632296 bits/sec, Record time: 2013-10-10 05:47
Input:  1028012258 packets, 231493551784 bytes
  Unicast:                 1023281333,  Multicast:                     4533279
  Broadcast:                   197646,  Jumbo:                               0
  Discard:                          0,  Pause:                               0

  Total Error:                      0
  CRC:                              0,  Giants:                              0
  Jabbers:                          0,  Fragments:                           0
  Runts:                            0,  DropEvents:                          0
  Alignments:                       0,  Symbols:                             0
  Ignoreds:                         0,  Frames:                              0
Output:  2199069544 packets, 3038481952974 bytes
  Unicast:                 2193825038,  Multicast:                     2951251
  Broadcast:                  2293255,  Jumbo:                               0
  Discard:                          0,  Pause:                               0

  Total Error:                      0
  Collisions:                       0,  ExcessiveCollisions:                 0
  Late Collisions:                  0,  Deferreds:                           0
  Buffers Purged:                   0

    Input bandwidth utilization threshold : 90.00%
    Output bandwidth utilization threshold: 90.00%
    Input bandwidth utilization  :    0%
    Output bandwidth utilization : 0.01%

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display stp brief 

check  the state of  this interface

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For that moment where it's a work normaly 

[s5700]display stp brief
 MSTID   Port                                Role    STP State        Protection
    0    GigabitEthernet0/0/3        ROOT  FORWARDING      LOOP

Everything else is on Role DESI with Protection : NONE

but interface 0/0/3 isn't a main port.

What i understand someon on internal network doing loops so that is reason to a block transmission on port but not a shutting down interface.

Do somewhere in the logs (i dont know with log level) I can catch that action?

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   display logbuff  to check if  there is  a expec interface up in the past

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I giving up. Didn't understand why he do it. Maybe it's a compatibility problem?

Maybe Huawei cant get along with a Cisco switches? somewhere I read it takes a lot depending. 
About Spanning Tree Huawei switches use mstp where cisco has pvst by default - that is true?

In my problem i used a option on all FastEthernet ports spanning-tree bpdufilter disable. Only on GigabitEthernet i turn it on bpdufilter enable. Because in LOGBUF huawei switch say for that port it's a wrong bpdu pocket. In that case for a moth they (i mean s5700) no longer disable transmission. And S5700 remake port a ROOT role for a DESI in stp brief. On that configuration everything work fine! 

but if i only remove bpdufilter from GigabitEthernet (but on all FastEthernet still have on all bpdu filter disable) for a 5 hours Huawei switch block transmission for cisco switch. And only one option to back transmission it's a shutdown port on Huawei switch and for a sec turn it on again.

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