S5700 LI static routing

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Hello, we are doing some evaluations to change the switches in our branch sites, and we have identified the S5700-52P-LI-AC as the right choice for our needs. 

Basically we need to hava a stack that support VLAN and static IP routing between VLANS.

Looking at datasheet and documentation this model supports Static routing, but doing some tests with a similar model (S5700-52X-LI-AC we are not able to implement routing betwwen VLANS because when we try to create a VlanIf to have a Layer 3 "presence" on the subnet we have this error message:

Error: Can not create this interface because the interface number of this type has reached its maximum.   

software version i:

[POCHUAWEI]display version
Huawei Versatile Routing Platform Software
VRP (R) software, Version 5.120 (S5700 V200R002C00SPC100)
Copyright (C) 2000-2015 HUAWEI TECH CO., LTD
HUAWEI S5700-52X-LI-AC Routing Switch uptime is 3 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 35 minutes

ES5D2T52S000 0(Master) : uptime is 3 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 34 minutes
256M bytes DDR Memory
200M bytes FLASH
Pcb      Version :  VER B
Basic  BOOTROM  Version :  100 Compiled at Feb  6 2013, 11:57:34
CPLD   Version : 256
Software Version : VRP (R) Software, Version 5.120 (V200R002C00SPC100)

Trying with eNSB simulator that have S5700-HI switch this issue didn't occour.

I have read a loto of documentation hoping to find a precise feature map but all the documents say that LI version support static routing, but in the real worls this seems to be false.

Could you please help me to pass this stall?

Thanks a lot.


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please wait moment. we are finding the problem.
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S5700-LI(with software version V200R002)'s static routing is used for telnet function, not for Layer 3 switching.
And this model supports only one Vlanif.

BTW, S5700 LI with software version V200R005 will support eight Vlanifs and Layer 3 switching.
I suggest you upgrade software version after V200R005 GA.

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Created Jun 6, 2014 15:47:02 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Do you have  information about release date for version V200R005?


At the moment it is not available on support site.


Thanks and Best Regards



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I'm sorry to inform you that the document requires a privilege level that's not assigned to my account level (registered).

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Sophoni, can you help Giorgio assign this document?
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I cant find a place to download V200R005 or V200R006 for s5700-28x-LI

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