S5300EI switch and eLTE eNodeB base stattion interface negotiate failed

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The simple topology is shown as below:
S5300EI switch and eLTE eNodeB base stattion interface negotiate failed-1079357-1
S5300EI switch directly connects to eLTE wireless base station eNodeB, eNodeB downlink to CPE, and CPE downlink to camera, camera uploads the monitor data to data base. But when users check the monitor video, there will be frame drop and delay issues, and if users want to check more monitor video, the frame drop and delay issues will be more serious.
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From the theoretical point of view, there is no bandwidth bottleneck problem, the problem should appears on the interface negotiation between two device. So, we check the interface states from the camera side to server one by one:

1.       Login to CPE, check the interfaces status of CPE and camera, both of the them are working at 100M duplex mode, they are normal;

2.       The signal between CPE and wireless base station is good, and eLTE is based on LTE technology, the bandwidth can reach to 100M, so, there is no problem.

3.       The link between RRU and eNodeB is 1000M optical fiber, and boths of interfaces are working normally.

4.       The link between eNodeB and S5300EI switch is RJ45, S5300EI is 1000/100/10M negotiation interface, eNodeB is 100/10M negotiation interface, and both sides apply negotiation automatically mode. Login to S5300EI switch, and check the interface status through command “display interface GigabitEthernet”, find the interface work mode is “100M half-duplex”, and there are many “Collisions,ExcessiveCollisions,Late Collisions” counters, these three counters are also increasing.

5.       So, we can make a conclusion that, the problem is the negotiation fail between 1000M interface of S5300EI switch and 100M interface of eNodeB. And then, change the working mode of 1000M interface S5300EI switch to 100M duplex manually, and also change the working mode of 100M interface eNodeB to 100M duplex manually.

Check the monitor video, there are no frame drop and delay, even if we check more monitor video at the same time, there is no problem.

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