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S2700 SNMP configuration lost after reboot

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We have recently noticed an unexpected behaviour in some of our switches.

If we boot the switches and configure SNMP (V3), we can retrieve information using snmpwalk or other software without problems. After testing the SNMP we save the configuration (q, save) and the power off/reboot the switch.

After the switch is powered back on, everything works fine except for SNMP.  If we do enter again the configuration commands, it does work again until the next reboot.

We have seen this behaviour in several 2700 Series switches, and at least two different software versions. Has anyone else suffered this problem?

For testing purposes we have arranged two switches:
- S2700-18TP-EI-AC, Version S2700 V100R005C01SPC100, patch V100R005SPH008
- S2700-26TP-PWR-EI, Version V100R006C05, patch V100R006SPH016.

Although in both cases the result after a reboot is the same (SNMP does not work), the behaviour is slightly different.
First of all our SNMP configuration looks like this

snmp-agent local-engineid 000000000000050096015011
snmp-agent sys-info version v3
snmp-agent group v3 TOTALACCESS privacy  read-view ALL write-view ALL
snmp-agent mib-view included ALL iso
snmp-agent usm-user v3 MyUser TOTALACCESS authentication-mode sha MyPassword privacy-mode des56 AnotherPass

In the S2700-18TP-EI-AC, what happens is that after a reboot, the SNMP configuration is lost. The display current command does show all the configuration command except for those related to the SNMP user.

In the S2700-26TP-PWR-EI, what happens is that the ciphered password changes every reboot and thus the problems seems to be password related. In fact, if we re-enter the commands, then display the configuration, copy the ciphered text, and paste that exact configuration, SNMP stops working. The only solution seems to be re-entering the commands with the clear text passwords.

Thanks for your help

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Someone can help him..
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thanks for sharing!
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