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S2326TP-EI The CPU is overloaded

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Dear colleagues.
Recently, a processor of 90-95% began to be loaded on the switches of this model.

Jan  1 2008 00:49:22-05:13 Quidway %VOSCPU/4/CPU_USAGE_HIGH(l)[31]:The CPU is overloaded, and the tasks with top three CPU occupancy are DHCP(26%), FTS(23%), CFM (9%). (CpuUsage=96%, Threshold=95%)

VIDL                 10%         0/23c345ff       DOPRA IDLE
FTS                  21%         0/50da166a       FTS
DHCP                 24%         0/5b684330       DHCP Dynamic Host Config
OS                   18%         0/405f7dff       Operation System

Please tell me what is the cause of this behavior?
Thank you.

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Created Oct 8, 2018 06:35:05

When a device has a high CPU usage, perform the following operations:

  1. Check whether the CPU usage keeps increasing or increases instantly. If the CPU usage increases instantly, an operation may be performed, for example, the device just starts, information about optical modules is read continuously, and traffic volume increases instantly. This situation does not affect the device operation.
  2. Check which task process causes a high CPU usage and analyze the task.
  3. Check log information and alarm information to determine whether a hardware fault alarm is generated.
  4. Check whether an interface frequently alternates between Up and Down states according to log information and alarm information. If so, check whether the optical module of the interface is faulty or a non-Huawei-certified optical module is used. Additionally, analyze the configuration and traffic volume of the interface.
  5. Check whether network management operations are frequently performed on the device.
  6. Check whether STP flaps or routing protocols flap.
  7. Check whether the network structure changes and whether a loop occurs on the network.
  8. Check whether malicious attacks exist.

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Created Oct 9, 2018 03:25:26

Posted by WheatGrass at 2018-10-08 03:35 When a device has a high CPU usage, perform the following operations:Check whether the CPU usage kee ...
Thanks :)
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Created Dec 25, 2018 03:37:33

Check whether there are other abnormal alarms in this period.
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